Roadtrip to Ulcinj/Montenegro

Kiki and Lena decided two weeks ago that they wanted to travel from Hamburg to Montenegro – by car! They are two of our team members from the KiteWorldWide family and they wanted to do a real roadtrip. Not the easiest task if you consider that more than 2000 kilometers lay between Hamburg and Ulcinj. Therefore it is really impressive that our girls have managed the trip without any complications :)

On their first day on the road they have passed through Austria and the alpes. Although it was already May, they were still able to see some snow on on top of the highest peaks they passed by.

On that same day they had a stop in Moosburg which is located very close to the Wörther lake. Kiki has got some friends in Austria and it was no problem for them to stay there overnight. On the next day of their journey they drove through the alpes to Slovenia and the Karavanks, a mountain range that boarders Slovenia and Austria. Peaks with an altitude of 2000 meters or more are no rarity. At a fruit stall of a small market, Kiki and Lena bought some supplies for the long way.

After a few more hours of driving, the two girls finally reached the Adria. To be more precise: Riejka, a town on the west coast of Croatia. By now Kiki and Lena have already traveled more than 1000 kilometers down south with their bus. On their way through Croatia and Slovenia they could often see green forests, as wide as the eye can see.

At the end of their second day the girls decided to leave the ‘autobahn’ behind. It didn’t take them a long time until they discovered a narrow country road with beautiful views. A bit further they got to a small town called Beo Pacje. It is situated in between a mountain range and looks like a small, dreamy village.

Shortly before sunset the girls arrived in Dubrovnik. Their plan was to go to a secret spot which is not too far from the city. Unfortunately it has already gotton too dark and Kiki and Lena will have a look at this spot the next time they go on a roadtrip to Montenegro.

After a night of good rest the girls were up quite early. That’s because their final destination, Ulcinj in Montenegro, was already close. A last glance at the city and on the road they were again. Kiki and Lena are really glad they have this car. It didn’t let them down even once and you could say that they even feel a bit of sympathy for that car ;)

Finally: one more stage to go! Only a ride on the ferry seperates the girls now from Montenegro.
Once they have crossed the boarder they drove on a coastal road to Ulcinj. The views on this road are just breathtaking and stunning.

Now, after more than 2000 kilometers and two days on the road they made it. Kiki and Lena arrived in Ulcinj. It seems as if the weather has waited for their arrival only: wind conditions with 20 knots and blue skies. Of course there is no need to ask what they did next. They took their kites and jumped right into the water!

At the end of their trip Kiki and Lena enjoyed their time on the water and on the beach with a cool beer in their hands. They even had dinner by a river with a plate full of delicious seafood. Well, I think they deserved it :)