Kiki on Kos in May

Last month she traveled to Cape Verde, now she went to Kos in Greece. Kiki really got it going for herself. She gets around a lot with KiteWorldWide. The journey to Kos though was overdue because we have refurbished the KiteWorldWide House and wanted Kiki to check it out.

Last week Kiki went to Kos for a couple of days. 26 years ago,in 1991 Kiki got her windsurfing license on the same island. Therefore it was super exciting for her to see how Kos has changed and what didn’t change at all, even after all these years.

At the beginning of her journey, Kiki flew with TUIfly from Hannover to Kos in only three hours. That’s when the ‘holiday-feeling‘ kicked in: 6 airplanes had landed at the same time and all the luggage was handed out on two luggage conveyor belts! Luckily Kiki still had her ‘no-stress-mentality’ from Cape Verde and handled that situation easily.

Peter, the owner of the KiteWorldWide House, waited at the airport to pick her up. Peter is a very friendly man and Kiki felt very comfortable. On the way to their destination, the KiteWorldWide House in Mastichari, Peter told her a lot about the city and the people. They drove past the office, a couple of restaurants, the kitestation and a place called Nikos, where you can enjoy a delicious breakfast. Once they reached the house Kiki was almost a local in this small and picturesque town because of all the information and the little sightseeing-tour :)

lAfter a short break, the entire team went out to go to a bar. There they all enjoyed greek beer until 2 am. What a nice and warm welcome.

Monday: A rather untypical start in the day if you get woken up by the noises of a cow, you think? Well, not in Kos! With the sunshine on her face, Kiki could see Mediterranean cypresses, the curch and the cow that had woken her up. Good morning!

Afterwards the newly refurbished rooms were on the timetable. They look fantastic. Everything is super clean, the kitchen is beautiful and so is the new bathroom.

After that it’s breakfast time at Niko’s, a hotel on the other side of the street. Breakfast can be enjoyed on a terrace with view over the pool, some olive trees, sand dunes and even the blue ocean.

Apart from coffee and an extraordinary breakfast, Niko’s has everything you could wish for: Greek yogurt, little foil pouches filled with feta cheese, omelets, eggs and even a self-made apple pie. On top of that you are given information by locals about Mastichari and the entire area.

Later that day Kiki was on her way to the Kiteteam. Stefan, Joe and the rest of the team are really nice. The wind hasn’t come yet, therefore they all had a little walk around town. At Aplo’s, a small restaurant only 50 metres away from the kitestation, they had their lunch. It’s definitely an insider location with a view over the sand dunes. In the evenings the small tavern always invites you in for drinks and a party.

Every evening is different for Kiki. She tries to check out as many differents restaurants as possible with typical, greek food. After dinner she usually drinks a herbal tea but not so in Kos. Here you get four or five shots of a local herb liqueur. Stefan said that you should never reject the offer for a drink from a local, otherwise they might get insulted.

On the next day they went on a boat trip. They drove past turquoise water and beaches that usually exist only in your dreams. From time to time small villages appeared in between green hills. They decideed to make a quick stop at Plaka. There’s a forest where wild peacocks run around. How cool is that?

Luckily for Kiki and the team, the wind picked up the next day. A lot! 30 to 35 knots from southeast direction. The whole team decided quicly to go to Paradise Beach. There they could witness a very untypical spectacle: the waves that were building up look a lot more like Denmark than Greece. Good on Kiki that she was able to gain some experience in Sal and wasn’t a complete beginner. Jasmin, Carolin, Stefan and Andi were rocking it out there. A bit afraid, Stefan had to motivate Kiki several times to go back into the water for another try. No easy conditions for her, but she made it. Nevertheless the wind from the south is not only hard for beginners but a challenge for experienced riders as well and always worth a trip.

In the afternoon the new terrace of the Kitehouse was being discussed. That is going to be a cool chill-out place with flowers and cozy cushions to sit on. On the last evening the kiteteam organized a big dinner for all those who are leaving. Of course with the one or other schnapps. Jamas!