Janin’s Travel Adventure in Ulcinj/Montenegro

Let ́s leave routine and find a new adventure!

Hey there,
my name is Janin and this season I will be working for KiteWorldWide in Montenegro. To be more precise, in Ulcinj (pronunced Ulzin). You might wonder now, how did that happen? Well, I have learned to kitesurf in Ulcinj last summer and I fell in love with this sport at first sight. Because of that it didn’t take me long to book my next holiday with KiteWorldWide.
After having spent two amazing weeks at the east coast of Africa I came back to my hometown Graz. That’s when everything happened very fast: In only three days time I decided to quit my full-time job and I put my apartement up for sublease. The next thing I knew is that I was sitting in the office in Hamburg for a job interview.
Right now I am chilling at the beach with the rest of the team. We’re enjoying the warm sun and the beauty of the blue sea. Here at Pacha Beach we are currently preparing the Kitestation for the upcoming season. Therefore you can here drilling noises in the background, a bit of hammering here and there and my hands are covered with paint. A lot of things are being built right now and everything is going to be new and different this season. Of course we are not only building, painting or repairing stuff. There is always time to take out our surfboards and kites and just relax :) If you want to take a look behind the scenes you should check out the photographs below:

When I got to Ulcinj this spring, Samir was telling me that this winter had been freezing cold. Unfortunately lots of palmtrees at the waterfront in Ulcinj had died. At first that sounded terrible to me but Samir explained that for the kitesurfers it’s a good sign. There is a saying amongst the locals that after a strong and cold winter, a hot and windy summer follows. There is only one thought that pops up in my mind: “Let ́s enjoy the sunshine on our faces, feel the strong wind on our backs and jump into the next adventure!”
The following days are going to be full of work for the upcoming opening on the 20th of May. We are looking forward to finally start the season with you and we are hoping to see a lot of old and new faces.
Ciao for now from Montenegro,