Kiting with friends…

With excitement and a little apprehension I boarded the plane to Sri Lanka. Excitement, that I was going to get a week to work and kite in a destination that I wouldn’t need to wear a wetsuit! Apprehension, if it was going to be windy as this is my one week away from my mini monsters and the only chance I would have this year. So I really wanted to be able to kite freely!

Sri Lanka has exceeded my expectations. We have had wind everyday! Sometimes it doesn’t kick in until 11am, but that is OK. I then get to work in the morning until 12pm and head down to the big lagoon for a nice session. It’s just great to kite back after your session on the big lagoon to the lodge on the lagoon or ocean side to the baby lagoon for a final session before the sunsets.

I have used my 9m dice most days and even had to use my 7m one afternoon. The best day so far by far has been the downwinder which is more of a kite trip extravaganza with 3 spots and downwinders all rolled into one day. Even though I had only met the group on Monday when we arrived we felt like a group of friends heading out on an adventure as we boarded the boat at 9am to head upwind to the first spot at Navy point.

Here you have wind, flat water and space, space, glorious space. We were the only ones there so it was one of the best sessions I have had in the last year for sure. I got so carried away with trying to nail my Raley that I didn’t realize everyone had started the downwinder to the next island. I had a classic… mmmh where has everyone gone moment!

45 minute downwinder to a little island, where lunch and cold drinks were waiting for us, delicious pancake wraps, fruit and a beer for some… A few of the guys needed a power nap before we then headed back into the water for a great session on the 9m, kiting around the island. Here you have the mixture of chop which create the perfect kickers through to flat water heaven. We then did the second downwinder to the dream spot, flat water paradise before crossing the sand bank where I had to change to my 7m … So exciting for me coming from Morocco where the only size I ever use is a 7m. A session on my 7m in boardshorts! Yippeee

We then had little waves. Perfect to practice my toeside wave riding (in my head I was amazing … not sure if that is the reality) for the last hour to the opposite side of the lodge. After a quick walk over the sand dunes back to the lodge a cold beer was waiting for me. My idea of perfection.

A great week in Sri Lanka, where the wind blew, the beers flowed and great friends where made. I might not have quite nailed my unhooked Raley but I had a blast regardless.