Kitesurfing in March

If your expectations of March this year include warm temperatures and springlike weather, you better take a walk to the airport. While the southern part of Europe is slowly starting to defrost, we shouldn’t be surprised about the one or other snowflake in Germany. To play it safe, we’ve put some destinations for you together where kitesurfing in March is a good deal:


Italy – Sicily: Kitesurfing in March

+ Just 3 flight hours away

+ Huge flatwater lagoon

+ More than 300 days of wind a year

+ Low priced basic apartments located on the front row to the spot

+ Season from March till November

The season in Sicily starts in March and awaits you with a truly huge lagoon that offers perfect kitesurfing conditions till the end of November. In fact, the lagoon is really supersized, so you can be sure to always find enough space for practicing your first meters on the board or new freestyle moves. Due to the short distance to the spot, you can easily enjoy your lunch on your own balcony or in your apartment. From May on you can also join the Kiteboarding Events at Sicily again. The experienced Kiteboarding Events trainerteam is waiting for you with a huge kite gear pool and of course you get the support of our KiteWorldWide team on site.


Sri Lanka – Kalpitiya: Kitesurfing in March

+ Massive flat water lagoon with numerous “glassy“ freestyle Spots

+ Delicious and exotic food

+ The first lodge directly at the lagoon with a high standard

+ Sri Lanka is the closest tropic destination from Europe and offers a lot of possibilities for exploring culture and making day trips

+ Free boat shuttle to the other side of the lagoon & lunch in the KiteWorldWide beach hut

The winterseason in Sri Lanka is going to be finished at the end of March. Therefore it’s the last chance now to enjoy the wind from the northeasterly direction. In April then the wind begins to turn and appears choppy or not at all at the westcoast. It seems as if the nature needs a small break to indulge us at the beginning of the “main-season” in May with new strong winds and bright sunshine. During winter time you just take a 4×4-shuttle to the other side of the lagoon, where you can choose between flat-water and the ocean. Wind guaranteed, more space than you can imagine and no obstacles turn this spot into something perfect. Can it get any better?


Southafrica – Cape Town: Kitesurfing in March

+ KiteWorldWide Mansion Cape Town – lifestyle-loft-villa right at the spot

+ Unbelievable variety of spots

+ Numerous possibilities for activities and trips

+ Great community feeling at the Mansion

+ Exclusively at KiteWorldWide


One of the most underrated month of the year in Cape Town is March. By the way the favorite month at the cape of one of our founders. Certainly, because you’ll not only find more space on the water, but you can also enjoy the city and the markets in a more relaxed atmosphere. March also performs magic by creating even more beautiful waves as usual in front of our mansion, so that the wave-riders will be satisfied, too.


Morocco – Essaouira: Kitesurfing in March

+ Great atmosphere in the old town of Essaouira

+ High wind probabilty

+ Safe beginners spot with shallow area

+ KiteWorldWide Guide on site

+ Great for wave beginners and advanced wave kiters, lots of different spots

+ The new KiteWorldWide winter destination with activity package included

Our destination in Morocco is coming out of hibernation in March, too. After a four month break that was about time. ;) We are heading into the new season with nice waves and a mild climate. Thereby forms the huge, ca. 4 km long and up to 800 m wide, crescent-shaped sandy beach with wind from the right, the basic ingredient for a perfect kitesurf vacation. In March it can get a bit chilly in the evenings without a sweater, so better have one on site.


Zanzibar – Jambiani: Kitesurfing in March

+ Giant lagoon, sheltered by the reef, with turquoise blue water right

+ Red Monkey Lodge right at the spot

+ Kite center at the lodge with latest gear

+ Winter and Summer destination

+ Exclusively at KiteWorldWide

This exclusive kitesurf spot is located directly in front of our lodge at the east cost of Zanzibar in Jambiani. It provides perfect conditions for beginners, as well as for advanced riders and freestyler to let the season draw to an end in March. You can already see in the climate-chart above, that the wind is not really reliable in March anymore. But fear not, if the wind needs a break you can discover the nature and culture of Zanzibar at a boat “safari”, at a spice tour or at the stone town tour.



Spain – Tarifa: Kitesurfing in March

+ Spanish lifestyle and epic nightlife

+ High wind probability and mild climate only three flying hours away

+ KiteWorldWide Town House Tarifa for a great community feeling

+ KiteWorldWide guide on site

+ Atlantic Ocean meets flat-water lagoon

When the wind already loses its power in Jambiani, it’s time to pump up your kite in Tarifa. Due to the strait of Gibraltar and the ocean currents, this area is especially warm—which has a jet effect and increases the wind. With the KiteWorldWide Town House Tarifa, we have the perfect accommodation right in the center of the old town. Close by the scene bars and clubs, lovingly furnished and with an own rooftop terrace and community kitchen.



Morocco – Dakhla: Kitesurfing in March

+ Stunning Kite Villa Camp exclusively for Kiteworldwide

+ Diverse, shallow flat water spot in front of the camp and wave spots around the corner

+ Perfect wind conditions from March to October, good wind from November to February

+ VDWS licensed kite center  under KiteWorldWide management

+ New flight times mean no overnight stop


In our second destination in Morocco the season’s in full swing, too. Dakhla for many is the definition of perfect kitesurfing conditions. One of the largest kitesurf lagoons throughout the world is matched with perfect wave spots just across the 40 km long peninsula. The wind probability can match the constant winds of Brazil on more than 300 days of the year ! The outcome: A complete kite destination for beginners, intermediates, freestylers and wavekiters.


Another month?