The KiteWorldWide 2016 Review

While we are sitting here, scrolling through the blogs and posts of the year 2016, we were thinking: This year was just too amazing to let it slip away without any reviews.

We discovered beautiful spots with you, we had legendary sessions on the water, we had barbecue at all beaches of the continent and we really enjoyed this fantastic year at all times.

The KiteWorldWide review of 2016 – here we go!


Starting into 2016 together with Core Kiteboarding 

Is there a better way to start into the year, than having one more strong partner on board? We already know the guys from Core for some time, but in January of 2016 we decided to combine our common passion for kitesurfing and traveling.

What shall we say… after about one year now, we, our guests and our local instructors are more than happy with the decision to cooperate with the boys from Fehmarn!



With the KWW truck from Hamburg to Dakhla

Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations.

This could be the slogan of Josi and Marco. In March 2016 they started their 12.000 km long adventure. In their rebuilt 4×4 truck they went from Hamburg to Dakhla. We were inspired by the first moment, too. So we supported the project from the very beginning and recorded each stage in the roadbook.


josi josi1 josi2


Axel on his way to the Caribbean islands

Axel could also fit in the category “difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations”. He started in October 2015 with his sailing ship from Hamburg to the Caribbean islands. Totally on his own, he made his way to cross the Atlantic Ocean. Unfortunately he couldn’t really enjoy the rub of the green. After losing his boat oars he had to accept a broken pylon and therefore had to pause his journey in Portugal for a while. But now Axel is back and he’s heading to Madeira. You can follow him in the logbook.

axel axel1


Towards spring: With the team to Montenegro

It’s one of the annual highlights for the KiteWorldWide Team. Season preparation in Montenegro. With about 15 people we brought laptops, headsets, monitors and of course lots of kites and boards to Montenegro.

We’ve kited a lot, partied hard, discovered the unique nature – and of course worked ;) In the evenings we enjoyed the houses own’s “Windyard Restaurant” or relaxed in the yoga and chill-out area on the rooftop-terrace. We are ready for the next season and we’ll be there for sure.

monte1 monte2 monte3


 Welcome to the KiteWorldWide family: Willow-River Tonkin

Grown up on Mauritius, Willow stood already with ten years on a surfboard. A few years later he made his first steps with a kite. “That was it, i was hooked.” This year Willow hit the waves of Cape Town and the flat water lagoons of Tatajuba. He discovered new spots on board of the Tonia and in the end he enjoyed the beauty of the Brazilian coast with the Surfin Sem Fim downwinder. In addition Willow guides you through his strapless tutorials, so that you can improve in an easy and effective way. In January you can meet him in Cape Town and in February and March on the Cape Verde islands.

willow willow1

Warm autumn for the Tonia

After spending a warm and sunny sommer in the Danish South Sea, the Tonia was heading in autumn to her winter habitat. The  Canary Islands. Captain Stephan and his crew steered the course, while you could discover the most beautiful spots between Portugal and the Canary Islands. At the moment the Tonia is staying at the coast of Fuerteventura, to come in spring to the Baltic Sea. For more information check out the logbook. 


The Kite Posauda Brazil 

After so many good sessions in Tatajuba, we finally got the chance this year, to manage the whole Pousada on our own. We directly flew there with Willow and the guys from Gleiten.TV, to improve this jewel. The result is great: On the two areals you’ll find now lots of lounge and chill areas, new accommodation in the first line of the spot and the typical KiteWorldWide community feeling. See you there!

tata tata1 tata3

Chapter One – The preview in Hamburg

At the end of august we were chatting with Bram, executive producer of Chapter One about the upcoming preview. While we were talking we had kind of the same, cool idea: „Hey, how amazing would it be to present the preview in Hamburg?!”

No sooner said than done, we went to the local movie theaters to present them our idea. Our favorite one, from the beginning was the Abaton cinema, with its own unique character. In fact, the guys from the cinema really shared our interests, we fastly came to an agreement. One presentation, 280 tickets – and hoping that every guest would be as excited as we were about the movie.

Within less than 24 hours all tickets were sold. Boom! You are awesome! We quickly organized a second preview, which was sold out rapidly, too. That meant about 500 likeminded people, coming from all parts of germany meeting in one location. That definitely begs for a pre- and aftershowparty!

chapter chapter1 chapter2


The best comes at last: The Kite House at Cape Verde

After a long while of searching, going back and forth and bargaining good deals we will finally have our very own KiteWorldWide Kite House in Sal from 2017 on!

You’ll live together with up to 40 likeminded people from all over the world and Mitu Monteiro will personally hit the waves with you. Start is going to be in February and we can’t await it anymore. In the video you can get some first impressions and for more information, take a look at the website.


Enough talking – time to clink glasses!

That’s it for now. We wish you a smooth turn of the year – let the sessions in 2017 be even longer, the jumps higher, the travels even more exciting and the hours together just as great as in 2016.

So long, Marlo