King Of The Air

When the pro-riders travel in the direction of South Africa, it’s time for THE kiteboarding event of the year!


… and we are not speaking about any kiteboarding event… The Red Bull King Of The Air will take place at Big Bay once again. Two weeks time of waiting period  for just one competition will guarantee perfect conditions for the riders to show their most spectacular jumps.

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Started in the year 2000 on Maui, the pro-rider and legends of the sport meet since 2013 in South Africa.

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The first winner of the King Of The Air in Cape Town, was in the year 2013, Jesse Richman. Following him, 2014 and 2015 winner was Kevin Langeree from the Netherlands and 2016 winner was the five times freestyle world champion Aaron Hadlow.

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Just a few kilometres southwards of the event you’ll find with the KiteWorldWide Mansion a perfect accommodation to not only enjoy the King Of The Air, but also an unique kitesurfing holiday.


In front of the door of the lifestyle-loft-villa you’ll find with the Sunset Beach a kitespot, that would actually be satisfying for a two-weeks kitesurfing-trip. Depending on the swell, waves from one to a few meters can appear here.

Of course you can also take kitesurfing lessons with a real Cape Town pro and afterwards watch the guys of the event performing some unbelievable jumps.

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The competition – due to take place at Big Bay on the windiest day between the 21st of January and 5th of February – will see the best big air kiters trying to out-fly each other in a unique format. So better don’t miss the spectacle and explore Cape Town at this time in a special atmosphere.