#3 Learn how to kitesurf: Ele in Cape Verde

I ‘ve always heard that Cape Verde is not the perfect destination for kitesurf beginners. Mainly because of the waves and the depth of the water, so I actually thought that my team went crazy asking me – the little girl, that always needs someone to bring her baggages – to go there and try to learn kitesurfing. I was a little worried to be honest…


I’m actually trying to learn kitesurfing for one year now. Everytime i want to leave to have some lesson, the wind disappeares. I only managed to take the board once in Montenegro, but it was not really working, so I was sure it won’t be working in Cape Verde, too. But how can you say “No” to a journey to Cape Verde?

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The first day we went to the kite center, all of the teachers were busy with other lessons. So Anne and me decided to rent the gear and to try the water start on my own, since I knew already what I should have to do. It didn’t took long for me to realize, that this was not a safe idea. It was really difficult even to walk in the water against the waves, while controlling the kite with one hand and keeping the board in the other. I didn’t even succed to put the board on my feet… so I gave up for that day and booked a lesson for the day after.

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With a professional and friendly teacher next to me in the water, giving me advices and confidence, i was finally trying the water start.

In the beginning it was really hard for me. The wind was onshore, so it was quite dangerous to start right at the water entrance if you’re not experienced enough. So I had to walk against the wind and the waves – and being so small was really not helping – until I reached a point in the water, that was far enough from the shore. Most of the times I could not even touch the ground with my feet. I really needed to wait for the perfect moment between one wave and the next one, to try and stand up on the board.

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It was really tiring, and to be honest also a bit frustrating. In the beginning I was keeping on falling and falling into the water. I guess my travel mates had a lot of fun looking at my lesson! After 3 hours of trying and trying, with a teacher by my side, that explained me my mistakes each time very helpfully, i finally made it up on the board and rode off downwind!

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It was not easy at all, but with patience and professional assistance it was not impossible. I can guarantee now, that if I was able to learn here, everyone can. Everyone who really wants it, of course! :)

It’s certainly easier to learn in a lagoon with flat and shallow water, but then you will have no idea what to do in any other spot, where your feet can’t touch the ground. Learning in difficult conditions instead, makes you able to kite everywhere afterwards!

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In fact that i’m always feeling cold normally, i was also surprised that my long wetsuit was even too warm! I really loved that place, not only because I finally started kiting there, but also because of the super relaxed atmosphere, super nice and friendly locals, impressive sunsets, very good fish and a unique and amazing Kite House only for KiteWorldWide guests!

Have a look at the Vlog if you want to check out my learning process!