Guest – Special: 10 Days Dakhla with Kids – Heaven or Hell?

After a successful mission “kitesurfing possible“ in summer 2016 at the Costa Brava, the „kitesurfing – fever“ really got us. Being kids of two kitesurfing infected parents, we had to find a nice and wind guaranteed destination for our autumn holidays. One call at doctor KiteWorldWide, specifying the amount of people infected and the credit card number and we got our destination – DAKHLA 2016.

„Säläm” or as we’d say here in northern Germany „Moin”…we are Jula (12) and Robin (16).
After our Ipad localized Dakhla, there were a few questions popping up. Sahara and Wi-Fi – does that go well together? What are we going to do apart from kitesurfing – eating – sleeping? Does the food even taste there? Where is the next boutique? What kind of material will we need? For our kitesurfing holiday we packed 4x boards, bars, harnesses and a vast number of wetsuits (long, short and super short) as well as a kite range from 7 to 13,5 sq m.


After a 4 hours road trip from Hamburg to Frankfurt without stopping at McDonalds, but with Mums yummy sandwiches, the check-in proceeded almost overweightless. Luckily Royal Air Maroc handles our gear for free. After a not so funny joke of the guy that checks the bulky luggage: „We’ll see if we can fit everything in…The plane today is slightly smaller…“ , we got rid of all the luggage except for 4 kite bags.


With Royal Air Maroc, „chicken or meat“ and numerous Moroccan locals we flew 6 hours via Casablanca to Dakhla.
Welcome Dakhla Airport 0 o’clock local time
No we were ready to go…traditional embarkation of the kite gear, that means: rather on top of than next to each other…with the GoPro hanging out of the window we went across Dakhla city into the desert. With jeeps, of which Mum would always warn us, we finally arrived (with Mum) at the Zenith (KiteWorldWide Camp) really tired and sandy. Teatime with Hamza turned out short and we moved into the villa number 6. Surrounded only by sand!


Breakfast in Moroccan?!
Pancakes, Nutella, freshly pressed orange juice, crepes and as desired a tasty omelette. Cereals, fruits, tomatoes, olives and cake…everything was there! An international, friendly group at the camp (English was really needed) and our superkind station manager (at this point thank you Michèle) delighted us with information for various excursions even before our first session. Wind guaranteed, unfortunately not always enough – awesome that the 15sqm kite of Dad (90kg) was at home in the garage…but the outstanding assorted Core – Rental – Store could help out!


Onto the water!
You can walk the few hundred meters to the lagoon – but you don’t have to! The shuttle to the water or to other spots runs smoothly and was pretty cool to ride with. The luggage was inside and the passengers hanging outside the jeep. Alternatively, you could also sit on the hood – that’s fun.


Rock n’ Roll
The playground, directly in front of our doorstep, was especially at high tide – during noon or just before sunset – nicely empty.

bild7 bild10 bild9 bild8 bild12 bild14

We undertook two excursions to the white dune, one via Downwind – Session, departing at the Speedspot and one straight through the desert with the Jeep. There we had ample space and we could try out our first tricks and jumps. Also inverted leashes or dropping kites were no problem due to Nashis (Kiteguide) really fast help! On low – wind days Michèle would always have many other suggestions. For the most of us surfing was not really successful but we still had a lot of fun….

bild15 bild16

To end our adventure we started a little session at the Speedspot. Through smooth water and a lot of space the Speedspot really lives up to his name and we all could really gather up speed….the GPS watch showed 49 km/h. Jula, being the little chap within the group and on the lagoon, treated herself, as the only one of us, with a downwinder to an oyster farm at the penultimate day. Extremely flat water, spot landing of the kite and edgy mussel banks were no problem at all. The oysters they brought along would be consumed after their return to the camp. But not from us kids…



Definitely heaven and not hell! Boss Hamza made sure we got Wlan, the kitchen was cooking awesome food with spontaneous alternatives in case we kids wouldn’t like it. We definitely won’t become fans of the Moroccan Volcano Pot though…We didn’t miss the next boutique and apart from the kitesurfing-time you can chill out at the pool, sometimes with a cooled coke in your hand and with the cats here or just use the Wlan and take a break from everyday life.


The next time we’ll come back with six people – together with our younger brothers Tom and Pit!