Logbook entry #7: Cast off!

In fact that Corralejos could offer us a place in their marina, we could enjoy staying there the whole monday. We filled-up our water, accomplished a few things and met the harbor master,who told us at which times we could hope for some free space in his marina.


Tuesday, early morning: Cast Off! As we´ve had already announced we headed southwards. One of the biggest attractions of Lanzarote and Fuerteventura is the variety of steep coasts and the in-between located parts of beautiful beaches. We used this possibility to take some photos of the Tonia in front of one of the steep coasts.



Afterwards we spent the evening in the city of Gran Tarajal, which offers an amazing view with its black sandy beach. The next morning we passed some Kitespots and huge waist-deep water lagoons and ended up in Morro Jable. The town`s located almost completely in the south and offers besides plenty of hotels a couple of watersport schools. Highly motivated we borrowed some surf stuff and a beach catamaran and went into the waves. Those waves taught us a lesson in the power of nature. We got flushed by them a few times and landed one time completely in the water. Well, that comes with the territory!




To get an idea of the landward side of the island, we went up with the car to the second biggest mountain of the island. From up there we had an unique perspective!



Unfortunately the forecast foretells no wind for tomorrow, but a nice swell… so we will probably use the option to get carried by some waves.