Last minute availabilities in autumn

Jep slowly but surely the time has come and we need to admit that the autumn now really is here and the waters are getting cooler all the times. Time for a trip sunwards! We’re getting so many inquiries of you that we wanted to give you a short overview over the last spaces left : Our top 8 destinations for autumn!

Top 1: Magical 1001Night Moments in Essaouira


In our new winterdestination everyone will get their share no matter on which level you are! A huge, ca. 4 km long and up to 800 meters wide, crescent-shaped sandy beach with wind from the right is the basic ingredient for a perfect kitesurf vacation. Especially now in wintertime the spots turns into a wave paradise – still for all level of kitesurfers since the waves break further away so that there is about 100-150m of shallow water. Additionally you’ll have way more space around you and obviously it’ll be cheaper to get there compared to the high season during summer! In case our beloved wind needs its time off as well, just grab yourself a surfboard and go wave surfing or alternatively you can go horseback or camel riding or then you just dive into the charm of the city and the magical world of the fairytales from 1001night; stroll through the bazaar, smell the strange scents, try out new fabrics and drink some Marrocan mint. For the spontaneous amongst you: After the 1.10 we still have about 10 rooms available for you.

Top 2: The KiteWorldWide Mansion located at the sunset beach directly underneath the Table Mountain in Cape Town


Right in front of your front door: the sunset beach with it’s meters-high waves depending on the swell. The spot is the perfect starting point for downwinders heading north! Just before the beach of Blouberg there is a passage with a rock  so only good kiters should go there. Behind this section lays Big Bay with completely different conditions. The ones who just started to lean kitesurfing or those who prefer flat water want to drive northwards to the Langebaan lagoon.  But even apart from all the water sport, there is so much more to discover in Cape Town! Wine tasting, hiking the Table Mountain, taking pictures at the Cape of Good Hope and even more! You’ll live with up to 20 other kitesurf- and water sport – enthusiasts at the comfortable loft villa. The ones who’d rather want to improve their skills within a group: there are still some few places left for the Kiteboardingevents in November. Occasionally there are only less than three rooms left, for example between 6th and 15th of November or 10th till 23rd of November.

Top 3: The kite oasis between El Gouna and Hurghadda: The Seahorsebay


Here you’re actually really falling out of your bed and directly onto your board and into the blue flat water paradise! For you’ll find the perfect conditions for all levels. There is enough space within the lagoon so that beginners and advanced kiters won’t feel themselves restricted and even at low tides the lagoon is kiteable for advanced kiters since there is a natural „pool“ a little further out. In the accommodation you’ll find likeminded people and you’ll go for excursions together, relax on the sun deck and refill your resources at the daily 4-course dinner. The big, little special: the sauna – who wouldn’t want to relax their muscles after an extensive session in a sauna in Egypt? There are still some rooms available from 6th until 17th of November or then between the end of November and end of December will be more spaces left.

Top 4: The most southern city in the western Sahara with a huge flat water lagoon and a wave spot next door: Dakhla


The probably largest, for kite surfers developed, flat water lagoon in the world is pairing up with a perfect wave spot on the other side of the 40 km long spit. On top the wind probability can easily compete with the one in Brazil. All around the year. The new, comfortable KiteWorldWide accommodation, with its Riad and the six mini villas (from where you enjoy a breathtaking view over the lagoon and the spot), a pool on the terrace, extraordinary boutique hotel design in the generous accommodations and lounges, lays directly at the best spot of the lagoon. Also excursions to the city or to the white dune won’t come off badly and in the rare case of no-wind days, there are surfboards and SUPs ready for you to rock the water! Some free places are free between 3rd and 19th of November (Villas and 3 Riad rooms) or after the 26th of November.

Top 5: Brazilian Salsa, cooled Caipirinhas and 24/7 wind at 30°C in Tatajuba


New since 2016: Accommodations directly at the beach so you’ll never miss the right time to get onto the water! One really has to say: The KiteWorldWide Pousada in Tatajuba is a real beauty and embodies the typical KiteWorldWide style! It directly lays at the kitespot with a high palm tree garden and a lot of animals such as small monkeys or chameleons. After extensive kite session at a basis wind strength of 20 knots minimum you can perfectly relay in all those hammocks, sofas or even at and in the pool. Thereby this kite paradise provides the perfect conditions for any level, no matter f your beginner, advanced, pro or freestyler: everyone gets is fair piece of the cake not least because of the endless downwinders along the coast. Occasionally, really last places left in the brand-new Beach Bungalows, the Pousada or the Beach Palafitas departing after 17th of October or 4th of December.

Top 6: The Eco Kite Lodge directly at the paradisal kitespot in Kenya: Mwazaro Beach


The dreamy KiteWorldWide Lodge Kenya is directly located at a remote river mouth in the far south of Kenya at a private beach, far away from the hotel stronghold of Kenya. With its independent solar warm water and electricity supply and comfortable African styled accommodations, it seems as if it was made for kitesurfers. The natural mangrove preserve „Mwazaro“ provides the necessary calmness and relaxation. Every guest here has the same main motive for their holiday: kitesurfing! In the evenings everyone sits together at the huge table and you’ll enjoy your dinner underneath the starry sky. In that way you get to learn about likeminded really easily and you can discuss about your passion holding a cold beer in your hand. Whoever would like to spend christmas a little different: there are free spaces between the 11th and 27th of December.

Top 7: Gorgeous blue water, an unique Africa – experience and everything under the motto „barefoot and lazy“ in Zanzibar


The red monkey lodge in Zanzibar delivers what it promises: you’ll see little monkeys jumping from one cottage to another from time to time. The lodge is located directly at the lagoon and provides everything a kitesurfers heart would wish for: Straight out of your bed onto your board and into the shallow lagoon that is naturally build by a reef. Right next to your ‚homespot’ only 5 km away north of Jambiani lays the probably most known spot of Zanzibar: Pajé. But apart from all the watersport activities, including SUP, there are a lot of excursions, boat tours and more to explore the island. Up to 4 rooms are left between the 20th and 27th of December.

Top 8: Super kind locals, exotic cultures and endless downwinders in Sri Lanka 


The lodge is directly located at the lagoon with modern bungalows which are still integrated into the surrounding landscapeach with 8 comfortable rooms and a pool in the backyard. To fuel up the resources after long days spent on the water there is an own restaurant area, a chill-out corner and different loungers, sun chairs and hammocks. All rooms serve with a view over the lagoon and a terrace or balcony that you can perfectly enjoy with an after-session-beer in your hand. But also off the water there are a lot of activities to do such as the slack line or the volleyball court in the rear corner of the lodge, safaris, excursions to the forgotten city Anuradhapura or dolphin and whale watching tours. Two last rooms are available between 26th and 31st of December.


Now there is only the agony of choice left for you. We’ll see you in the sun and at the beach!