Juergen joining the Surfin Sem Fim “Delta Wave” Downwinder

In co-operation with Surfin Sem Fim we will be on an amazing tour from Prea to Atins from the 4th of december – 10th of december 2016. On board will be North Teamrider and King of the Air participant Reno Romeu a.k.a. “the Captain” and special guest will be KiteWorldWide & Core Teamrider Willow River Tonkin.

Juergen, founder of KiteWorldWide, couln`t stop himself from joining the Surfin Sem Fim Delta Wave Kitesafari, two weeks ago.

The tour started from Itaqui, 400 km away from Fortaleza.


The downwinder led through the Parnaiba Delta and finished in Atins. “Especially the Parnaiba Delta and the Lencois Maranhenses (known from the Red Bulls Rally dos Ventos as well as from Chapter One) were an incredible experience. Glassy waterlagoons, surrounded by endless dunes in the middle of nowhere. I`ve already kited in lots of places, but this was just amazing. Another highlight of the tour was the accommodation on the island Ilja dos Poldros.”



Along the remote Brazilian coast they went about 95 km per day downwind, through waves and big river deltas . „An incredible experience of nature, far away from anyone.”





In the evenings they headed to cozy and really comfortable accomodations. After 5-6 hours on the water, there`s nothing better than having a cold caipirinha with friends and discussing the daily experiences, while the sun slowly turns red and goes down.


Also Guilly Brandao was in on it, hitting the waves with us. “In fact that I am riding strapless now for quite a while, riding with people like Guilly can easily give you the feeling that there`s still a lot to learn. I guess there are not many ways to improve and train better, than being 5 hours daily with him in the waves.”



At the moment Juergen stays a while at the KiteWorldWide Posada Tatajuba, where the high-season is on now for a few weeks. Be sure to get more footage the next weeks ;)



For everyone else who has already discovered several places and is searching for the extraordinary experience: We`ve still got a few places left on the tour!