Hang loose, flights to Seahorse Bay are back

Finally there are  adequate flight offers to the seahorse bay again. The beachboys are helping you with launching, landing or if you get any problems on the water and with 70% of windy days per year the wind cooperates, too. If you`re feeling the first signs for cramps in your calfs from all the kiting, instead of taking magnesium-pills, go and grab the door to the sauna.



In the recent time we moaned about the flight offers to seahorse bay, but finally we`ve got something for everyone. We´ve picked out some examples for november for you:

  1. From London to Hurghada 25.11. – 02.12. 332 €  (inkl. return flight)
  2. From Manchester to Hurghada 02.12.- 16.12. 344 € (inkl. return flight )
  3. From Hamburg to Hurghada 24.11.-03.12.  359€  (inkl. return flight)
  4. From Berlin to Hurghada 20.11.-27.11.  426€  (inkl. return flight)




Thanks to hard-working Ibi you can now also enjoy some shadow on the new terrace. For people, who prefer the oriental style it`s great to relax in the orient lounge.




In fact that we`ve got a limited number of kitesurfers on the water you don`t need to worry about any shortage of space, even if the gates for flights are reopened. With two different teaching areas neither the beginners nor the intermediates should feel restricted.




Espacially the ones of you, looking for some familiar flair are defenitely right at the Ibi & friends Kiteclub Seahorse Bay… small information along the side: In October we had only 3 days without wind until now! So get on your board!