Logbook entry #4: The amazing Porto

Still being in the dock of A Coruna we could hoist our sails to sail towards Portugal. In the evening we reached the west point of Spain and continued sailing with our favorite sail, the Code Zero.

Unfortunately the next day wasn’t that windy, but at least sunny. After everybody did enough sunbathing, it was about time for a swimming and SUP session. We stopped the boat and everybody jumped into the water. With our two SUPS our guests could get their first experiences, which was a nice alternative for the missing wind.

Quite at the end of the swimming stop, a dorsal fin was seen near the ship. Big excitement on board – was that a shark here on the Spanish Atlantic coast? First of all big uncertainty. Luckily both SUP’s were near the boat. The curiosity was big and therefore we have driven towards the ominous dorsal fin. This moved clearly too slowly for a shark. After we got closer to the dorsal fin, it turned out as the dorsal fin of a lunar fish. So everything not that bad. Nevertheless, afterwards nobody wanted to go into the water, the adrenalin was still too high.

We continued our trip and reached Portugal in the evening, Porto or rather Leixões at midnight. Leixões lays a little bit more north from Porto and is the port of Porto. In the evening we went as a last action to a very good restaurant close to the port, before some of our guests will leave us the next morning.

On Thursday we explored the city center of Porto for a little sightseeing. Porto is a very beautiful city uphill, with lots of cute little houses and narrow streets.

Since the wind still wasn’t that good, we stayed a little longer in Porto to wait for the north wind to head to Lisbon.