Logbook entry #3: From Biskaya to Porto

We sailed from the coast of Brest into the direction of Porto. The wind freshened and with 15-20 knots wind we head under Code Zero with 9-10 knots speed into the night.

The Friday stood completely in the sign of seclusion. We found our rhythm on the ocean. Escorted by dolphins, Skipper Stephan even saw a whale.

Because of the weather conditions we decided not to go to Vigo, but to the 30 km closer A Coruna. On the late evening the wind freshened because of the thermic and at the city beach from Coruna we started our next kite session.

After the kite session we went to the city centre. There we found a very comfortable cute spanish Restaurant, where we got fresh fish and spanish white wine. While the half of the crew went back to the boat after one more drink, the other half explored the nightlife of A Coruna until the early morning. ¡Salud!

After an extensive breakfast we used the Sunday to explore the city, since the wind left us again. Now we set sail again and sail along the Spanish and the Portugese coast.

Now we want to introduce our crew:

Our Skipper are Stephan Andersch, 31, from Potsdam, Björn Meyer, and Lukas Wübbels.

Stephan has already a lot of experience on the Sea. He sails since he is young and in 2006 he made his basic catamaran ticket on the Canaries. Since 2010 he is a trained VDWS Sailing, catamaran, windsurf and SUP teacher.

Also Björn Meyer is a very experienced Seaman. He has over 15 years sailing experience. Everything started with an internship in a yacht charter firm. On the Baltic and North Sea he feels at home. Besides he has experiences with the Canary region as well. His motto: Luck is, to have the freedom to shape your life the way you want.

Lukas Wübbels works already for 10 years on yachts and got his experiences mostly from the Baltic and North Sea as well as from the IJssem Ocean.