Alina Kites WorldWide – This is Montenegro!

After finishing my internship in the Marketing departement of KiteWorldWide in Hamburg and shortly after that also my studies, my time with KiteWorldWide was far away from being over! There are some adventures still waiting for me. This is why I moved off to spend two months in Ulcinj in Montenegro.



After having a few problems with the waterstart in my past, I can handle to go upwind now! Thanks to my awesome team and a lot of helping hands!



As the wind is picking up during the day and the kites are launched at about 1 pm, I had enough time in the morning to work, as I am still marginally employed in the marketing departement. But where better to write a newsletter than at the place where the magic happens? And to be honest, the view could be worste ;)


After burning off energy on the water it was time to return to the  KiteWorldWide House and work for the dream I was allowed to live. Not least because of the super relaxed guests also the hours I spent in front off and on the back of the bar where more fun than hard work.



Apart from the endless hours I could spend on the water, there was a lot to do in Ulcinj. Practising Yoga on the rooftop terrace, visiting the old town by day and of course in some nights and having some crazy beachpartys are only a few examples of how I spent my freetime ;)


Of course it´s sometimes hard to be apart from family and friends back home in Austria, but the KiteWorldWide family is replacing them quite good! Apart from them, also some guests grew dear to my heart!14067567_1472362342780102_6937449407456104473_n



Therefore I am now up to get ready for my next adventure: Tatajuba in Brazil!