Kitesurfing in November and December

It is getting colder and a little bit miserable outside. Autumn has arrived definitely in Germany and shows not only its best side. So if you are getting fed up with the prospect of continuous rain and dream to spend time in warmer regions, we have a nice selection of fall escapes. From shallow lagoons to sweet wave spots, and endless downwinder. So pack your things quick – it’s time to head off.


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South Africa – Cape Town

+ KiteWorldWide Mansion Cape Town – Lifestyle-Loft-Villa directly at the spot

+ Unbelievable variety of spots

+ Numerous possibilities for activities and trips

+ Great community feeling at the KWW Mansion

+ Exclusive at KiteWorldWide


End the year with a last downwinder in the waves and celebrate New Year’s eve in the KiteWorldWide Mansion with other kite surfers.

The west coast, north of Cape Town, offers a variety of spots for all tastes and skills. Since the wind there is amplified by different thermal and topographic effects, a distance of just a few kilometers already has a great impact on the conditions.

Right outside the door you will find Sunset Beach, a spot that would actually be enough for a two-week kite trip. Depending on the swell, there are waves from one to several meters. Sunset Beach is more suitable for advanced kite surfers. Here you will find nice, long, “glassy-flats” in between the waves. You can really take a run for the next wave kicker.

The wind starts at noon (so you can sleep late or relax in the morning exploring the area) and hits the south – homespot Sunset Beach first. Generally, the further north you go, the less wind you’ll have.

If you rather push your level in a group: The Kiteboarding Events Cape Town still have some free dates. Check them out.


Sri Lanka – Kalpitiya

+ The first lodge directly at the lagoon with a high standard

+ Massive flat water lagoon with numerous “glassy” freestyle spots

+ Professional Kite Center, owned by KiteWorldWide and exclusively for our guests

+ Super wind-proof during the season

+ Delicious and exotic food

+ Free boat shuttle to the other side of the lagoon and lunch in the KiteWorldWide beach hut

+ Inexpensive flights, short-term booking possible

+ jungle safaris, historic cities, downwinder, and many other activities


Our Asia destination offers a lot of wind and up to 30 degrees Celsius during the winter so what is not to love!

You’ll be staying in our lodge, directly at the lagoon, with comfortable rooms and a swimming pool in the backyard. Our restaurant there will provide breakfast, lunch, and dinner for you and the other surfers – a great opportunity to get together each day and get to know one another.

During winter time you just take a 4×4-shuttle, which makes multiple trips a day and is free of charge, to the other side of the lagoon. There you get the taste of the first class freestyle spots. In winter the wind comes from the opposite direction, meaning northeast. It is less strong around 20 knots, making it perfect for beginner and intermediate.

As the tide is very low the lagoon is kiteable at all times. Wind guaranteed, more space than you can imagine and no obstacles turn this spot into something perfect. Can it get better?


Egypt – Seahorse Bay

+ Family like atmosphere at Ibi and Friends Kiteclub Seahorse Bay

+ Living right at the spot, without TukTuk rides

+ Complete packages for beginner, intermediate and advanced

+ Limited availability for more space on the water


Thanks to the large shallow water area and the stable wind direction the spot is perfect for beginners. There is enough space in the lagoon as the number of students and storage slots are limited. This is why neither beginners nor advanced kiters feel restricted.

For all who would like to push their level in the group, we offer the Kite learn events in Egypt.

Marokko – Dakhla

+ Huge flat water spots in front of the camp and wave spots around the corner

+ perfect wind conditions from March to October, good wind from November to February

+ Stunning Kite Villa Camp exclusively for KiteWorldWide guests

+ VDWS licensed kite center under KiteWorldWide management


Directly at the KiteWorldWide Villa Camp, you will find the kite lagoon, which makes flat-water fans’ hearts beat faster and enables beginners to quickly make their first metres on the board. The spot is influenced by the tide, yet the low tide still leaves the lagoon with sufficient water and space for everyone. Depending on the tidal level you will have a 150m to 300m wide shallow water area just in front of the KiteWorldWide centre. This is where 90% of you will spend most of the time. The ground is sandy without any disturbing rocks or corals and the wind blows constantly and side-shore from the left. Thus, this spot offers the maximum of safety for beginners and ideal conditions for freestylers. Even during the main high season, when the mass kite camps located about 1,5-2km away on the other side of the lagoon are full, you will always find enough space here.


Brazil – Tatajuba

+ Incredibly beautiful pousada far from crowded spots

+ New in 2016: Beach Bungalows in first row directly at the spot

+ Flatter spot in front of the door and other spots nearby

+ VDWS kite center managed by KiteWorldWide

+ Best wind in Brazil

+ Jericoacoara only 45 min. away



This really is a kitesurfing paradise: one of the best shallow water spots with the most reliable and strongest wind in Brazil. The wind blows constantly from June to the end of February and makes sure that you’ll have nearly endless kitesurf sessions. When the spots around Fortaleza “lose the puff” in December, you’ll still have enough wind in your kite here for another two months. The spot is located right next to your accommodation and on the mouth of a river. Even at high tide, you can find enough shallow areas where you still can stand. You’ll have an unimaginable amount of space to cruise around and try out new jumps. A few hundred meters further down the mouth of the river, you’ll have another awesome spot with small “kicker waves” and only four kilometers away from a big sweet-water lagoon.

Those who seek pure beach feeling will fall in love with the new accommodations right in the first row on the spot. Here you’ll never lose the water and wind out of sight.

Kitesafari Surfin Sem Fim

+ New: Kite Safaris from Ceará to Maranhão

+ From the easy “Classic Path” up to the “Iron Man” with 600 km

+ Just the right mix between Downwinders and perfect flat water spots

+ Absolute wind guarantee from June to January

+ Experienced local guides always by your side

+ 4×4 escort vehicles

+ Charming hotels right at the beach

The coastline between Ceará and Maranhão, in the North-East of Brazil, is well known for its wind guarantee and its unique conditions with constant wind, during the time between June and January. Because of those unique conditions, we decided to include another Kite-Safari in our portfolio. In cooperation with our long-term partner Surfin Sem Fim on site, we’ll start some one-of-a-kind Kite-Safaris, you can only find in Brazil.
Here you can choose your favourite route between Ceará and Maranhão. From the easy “Classic Path” to the really tough “Iron Man” with 600 km downwind along breathtaking Brazilian beaches. From 04.12. – 10.12.2016 we offer exclusive for our KiteWorldWide guests the Delta Path with Reno Romeu.


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