Hängt ihn höher 2016

Back in 2004 when kite surfers from the baltic sea, north sea and inland lakes would battle which one of them would jump higher, further and better than the other nobody would have ever expected that this little competition from back then would become such a big event in a blink of an eye!



The lack of wind in the first two years got well compensated by boisterous parties which left the event still in very good memory. The first actual competition started in 2007 and since 2008 it’s at the Kugelbacke area.

Nowadays 50 kite surfers from all around Europe are competing within one day in Cuxhaven and also at the testival area more and more exhibitors are there to be found.



Last year we already were the main sponsor and we’re stroked for the upcoming „Hängt ihn höher“! Together with Core, Naish, Flysurfer, Best, North and even more exhibitors you’ll find us there this year.

We’re super eager to see the highest jumps this year, especially of the youngest starter, Timo Riemenschneider, at only 12 years of age.



In order to measure the competition results comparably and fairly, there will be the measuring instruments of  Woo next to a five-membered jury. The last years winner got to travel together with another person to our Kite Lodge in Kenia. For this years winner there will also be an awesome kite holiday – stay tuned for more information!



You’ll find more information and the whole here. We’re looking forward to an exciting weekend with awesome jumps, great starters and exhibitors, boisterous parties, hopefully well powered kites and of course to a lot of spectators. Come and see us there, we’re looking forward to seeing you!