BKSA WOO Challenge 2016

20 metre jumps are no problems at all for you. Being afraid of heights is a foreign word. And going to Cape Town has been always your dream? Then the WOO Challenge is just perfect for you. What’s that you ask? Your ticket for an amazing Kite vacation in Cape Town for sure!

Grab your board, call your kite buddies and head to the beach. Take home The 2016 Highest Boost Award. Contribute to your local kite community by helping your club become The 2016 BKSA Club Height Champion or The 2016 BKSA Club Mileage Champion.

Simply clip the WOO Sensor onto your board and go ride. The WOO tracks every jump, including height, airtime, trick (in Freestyle mode) and more!

The Club Height Champion and Club Mileage Champion will each win a one week stay in the KiteWorldWide Cape Town Mansion, located near some of the best boosting spots in the world.

How you can participate? Just follows these rules:

  • All participants must be active BKSA members
  • Challenge runs from Jan 1st 2016 to December 31st 2016
  • Sessions must be recorded within Great Britain using a WOO sensor.
  • Contribute to your Club by including your club’s abbreviation in the WOO session name e.g. Big boost 7 Vegas EKC will contribute towards Essex Kitesurf Club. (See leaderboards for a list of clubs and abbreviations)

All right? Then get started to win the WOO Challenge!