Throwback: Our journey through Morocco!

We met Marco and Josi on exactly the same place where they headed from to Morocco six months ago. The southermost point should be Dakhla, their way back leads them along the dream like Atlantic coast.




Watching the skyline of Hamburg, the two of them recall the past.

While they converted their 4×4 truck, they came up with the idea of their journey. That vehicle was definitely to big to just go to the beaches at St.Peter Ording or Denmark. They wanted to see endless beaches, the sun and having the ocean waiting for them in front of the truck. Apart from that, they wanted to drive apart from tarred raods and challenge their vehicle! Europe was simply to close, so they decided to travel to Africa. Because it is a save destination and meets all their expectations, their choice was Morocco. Their estimate scheedule was to spend one month on sightseeing, three weeks in Dakhla and the rest of the time to go back along the coast.


Only Dakhla thwarts their timetable. The turqouise flatwater, sunshine, delicisous food and the KiteWorldWide Villa Camp convinced them to stay a bit longer than they expected. k-img_2972-e1463490061211k-_dsc9696-e1461927613255


The same happened in Essaouira. The unique flair at the old town and the KiteWorldWide Riad delighted them that much so that they couldn´t leave earlier.



Also Tarifa with its awesome nightlife and stunning landscapes was too exciting to not extend their stay.


The two destinations offer a lot more than perfect kitsurfing conditions. Compared to Dakhla, there is a lot more going on, thats why those are suitabe destinations for non kiting partners and night owls.

Also Portugal pleased them so much that they stayed longer than they expected.


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They almost met out captain Axel in Portimao, but he was back to Germany during that period of time. What a pity!

They were enthousiastic about the kindness and hospitality, the stunning landscapes, the amazing kite spots and the silence in the night.

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Jois highlight on their trip was the dolphin which she saw while kitesurfing in Dakhla, her first jumps which she landed there and driving the truck on her own through the cured lake of Erg Cgegage.



Marco was excited most by the desert of Erg Chegaga and Erg Chebbi and driving through the soft sand, as well as by the time they spent in Dakhla and his foilboarding sessions at the speedspot.

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The only thing the two of them don´t like on their trip was not being able to stop somewhere or walk without being approached to by people who want to sell something or want to have a present. Small talk is very important almost everywhere. This could be quite exhausting, especially for Europeans who are not quite used to it. But there where no critial situations where they have to fear about their safety because of criminals or problems with their car. Maybe apart from the sandstorm, which catched them unexpected.

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They were also quite surprised by the boarder checks, because the didn´t exist at all. In Morocco nobody ever checked their trunk, in Spain they got simply waved through.

Apart from friends and family they didn´t miss anything. Also living on only 9qm wasn´t driving them crazy or making them going on each others nerves. Stopping at the three destinations of KiteWorldWide on their way was the perfect occassion to chat with like minded people. If they would do their trip once again? For sure!

Check out their Road Book and read in detail, what the two of them discovered on ther journey!