Kitesurfing in September und October

While the summer comes to an end, the winter season is about to begin in our winter destinations! But you don’t need to travel far, even in Europe you will find bright sunshine and extensive sessions. We made an overview for you, where you can find the best destinations for September and October.

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Egypt: Seahorse Bay

  • Private spot between Hurghada and El Gouna
  • Accommodation directly at the spot
  • Family like atmosphere
  • Private beach at the shallow water lagoon
  • Season from January till December

Due to the huge shallow water lagoon and the perfect wind conditions, the spot in Egypt is perfect for beginners. In addition to that, the Seahorse Bay offers pure relaxation with the all-around package from KiteWorldWide. The places are limited as well as the kite storage so you have enough space on the water all the time. Advanced kiters can perfectly train on some new tricks! Salaam Aleikum Seahorse Bay!

Brazil: Tatajuba

  • NEW in 2016: New accommodation directly at the beach
  • Exclusive flights only for KiteWorldWide guests
  • Beautiful pousada, far from mass tourism
  • Shallow water area directly in front of the pousada and more spots nearby
  • KiteWorldWide owned, VDWS Kite Center
  • Jericoacoara only 45 min. away
  • Season from July till February


Tatajuba, lonely spots, wind and just kite, kite, kite! And if you want to party, Jericoacoara, known for its lazy atmosphere and extensive nightlife, is nearby an worth a visit! The spot is a river mouth and just right next to the pousada. Depending on the tide, it is most of the time a shallow water area. You have plenty of space to train on some new tricks or just cruise around. A few hundred meters down the river mouth you find a cool spot with some little kicker waves. A huge freshwater lagoon is located just 4 kilometers away. The accommodation in Tatajuba is the “KiteWorldWide Pousada Brazil“.

Brazil: Prea and Jeri


  • 15 km sandy beach
  • Relaxing atmosphere, far from mass-tourism
  • Legendary downwinder from Préa to Jeri    
  • Season from July till February


Originally Préa was a little fisherman village, now it’s known as one of the best places for kitesurfing. If you want to have a relaxing kitesurf adventure, Préa is your place to be!

If you want to be even more isolated, you should definitely go to Jeri! Far from squeaky tires, wild tooting and endless traffic jams, the streets in Jeri are made of sand and the beaches are brighter than your eyes can watch. Perfect conditions to focus on the essentials, just kite, kite, kite!

Cape Verde: Sal


  •  Learn how to kitesurf from the wave kite world champion!
  •  The ultimate wave kite spot!
  •  Season from October till May


If you want to learn how to kite in the waves, you need to go to Cape Verde. The wave kite world champion Mitu Monteiro himself will give you some helpful tips to push you to your next level. The range of kitesurf spots is huge! There are spots with side-onshore wind and little waves for advanced kiter at the eastern side of the island. The “Kite Beach” is located there as well as the stylish kite school from Mitu and Djo.
There is a super cool wave spot at the western side of the island, most of the time you have offshore wind, so you should know what you do if you want to kite there. Most of the time the pro riders are practicing on new tricks in the waves of Ponte Preta, so it´s definitely worth a visit!

Morocco: Dakhla

  • Huge shallow water lagoon and many more spots
  • Perfect conditions for kiters of all levels
  • Luxury living in the KiteWorldWide Villa Camp
  • Now non stop flights to Dakhla
  • Season from January till December


In Dakhla you will find the probably biggest shallow water lagoon for kitesurfer. The lagoon is depending on the tide but even during low tide it is still kitable! Depending on the tide you will find a 150 to 300 meter standing area. The steady wind is blowing sideshore. So the spot offers a maximum of security for beginner and perfect conditions for freestyler.
On the other side of the headland you will find many wave spots. Your accommodation is the KiteWorldWide Villa Camp Dakhla!

Morocco: Essaouira

  • Great atmosphere in the old town of  Essaouira
  • High wind probability
  • KiteWorldWide guide on site
  • Season from March till October


Get enchanted by the beautiful old town of Essaouira! The beautiful Medina with its smell of spices and thuya wood mixed with the refreshing sea air is perfect to relax after an extensive session!

The bay of Essaouira is perfect for kiters of all levels. A huge, approx. 4 km long sandy beach is your basis for a perfect kite holiday.

From April till October the wind comes from the north which means side- to side onshore. At the beginning of the beach you have an up to 100 meter standing area, perfect for beginner. Further out you’ll find a steady wave, which is perfect for wave beginner.

Zanzibar: Jambiani/Paje

  • Unique flair on a dreamlike island
  • Crystal clear, cyan water (standing are inc.)
  • One of the best kite spots direct in front of your door
  • Season from January till March and July till October


The beautiful island Zanzibar is located in the Indian Ocean. It is famous for its beautiful beaches with crystal-clear, turquoise water. Our spot has shallow water and is therefore also perfect for beginners. The kitespot is directly in front of the lodge. Because of a 2km long sandbank we have a huge lagoon with shallow water for instructions and trainings but also for freestyler and advanced riders.

Sri Lanka: Kalpitiya

  • Huge shallow water lagoon with plenty of freestyle spots
  • NEW in 2016: Swimming Pool at the KiteWorldWide Lodge
  • Consistent warm and pleasant temperatures
  • Season from May till October and Dezember till March


A mind blowing shallow water lagoon and a very high and a pretty long season! That´s Kalpitiya!

In the summer season the wind blows from south west with 16-33 knots, sometimes a little gusty and most of the times nonstop. The main spot during summer is situated just a short trip by boat at a small headland. Advanced riders can (depending on the wind direction) launch directly in front of the KiteWorldWide Lagoon Lodge and ride downwind to the KiteWorldWide spot. There we have set up a KiteWorldWide cottage for you to get your lunch and to relax between the kite sessions.

South Africa: Cape Town

  • KiteWorldWide Mansion Cape Town – Lifestyle-Loft-Villa directly at the spot
  • Incredible spot variety
  • Numerous possibilities for activities and trips
  • Great community feeling at the Mansion
  • If you rather push your level within a group: Kiteboarding Events Cape Town


Right outside the door, you will find the Sunset Beach, a spot that would actually be enough for a two-week kite trip. Depending on the swell, there are waves from one to several meters. Sunset Beach is more suitable for advanced kitesurfers. Unlike St. Peter Ording with its “choppy chaos”, you will find nice, long, “glassy-flats” in between the waves. You can really take a run for the next wave kicker.

The bay starting on Sunset Beach runs approximately one mile long to Blouberg beach. This bay is again divided into different sections. The names you’ve probably heard before: Dolphin Beach, Table View, Kitebeach. You probably already noticed it: the next key word is downwinder…
Sunset Beach is the perfect base for starting a downwinder up north. Ahead of Blouberg beach you will pass some heavy cliffs, only very experienced riders should pass here. Passing the cliffs you will get to the Big Bay with other conditions.

The wind starts at noon (so you can sleep late or relax in the morning exploring the area) and hits the south – homespot Sunset Beach first. Generelly the further north you go, the less wind. Welcome in Cape Town!

Italy: Sicily

  • NEW in 2016: The KiteWorldWide Villa Lo Stagnone
  • Huge shallow water lagoon
  • More than 300 days of wind a year
  • Season from March till November


A truly huge lagoon with flat and shallow water throughout offers the perfect conditions to learn kitesurfing.
The short distance to the African continent is responsible for the warm and pleasant temperatures from March until November. On top the two different wind systems create constant wind. That’s Sicily!

At the north eastern end of the lagoon you’ll find Santa Maria and the kite area. At this point, both wind directions are kiteable. A complete kitesurf infrastructure, consisting of a wide green area for setting up the equipment, launching and landing area, showers, storage and a restaurant. Everything is covered with the Kitepass, which is included in all KiteWorldWide packages.

Due to the shallow lagoon, you’ll always have perfect flat water. Only in the very middle of the lagoon, the conditions might get slightly choppy.

Spain: Tarifa

  • NEW 2016: Our own kite school exclusive for KiteWorldWide guests
  • Spanish lifestyle and epic nightlife
  • KiteWorldWide Town House Tarifa for a great community feeling
  • Season from March till November


Tarifa has always been special to us. The Kite Metropolis of Europe, if not of the world. Surfer lifestyle, endless party nights in the old town, tapas bars and (adopted) country of many pros – for a reason. Here the wind blows almost non-stop due to the straits of Gibraltar. There aren’t many kiters, who don’t fall in love with Tarifa at first sight.

Our main spot in Tarifa is at the Los Lances beach. The beach is one of the most beautiful in southern Spain. Here the sand is dazzlingly white and fine—as opposed to other beaches in the south. Two small rivers run parallel to the beach and make small lagoons for kitesurfing at high tide.

In Tarifa and the surrounding area, there are tons of spots with different conditions for all kitesurf levels. Of course, it’s also possible to kitesurf at places other than our main spot. The KiteWorldWide team is here for you and would love to give you some tips!

Greece: Kos

  • Perfect for beginner, intermediate and advanced
  • Professional teaching from the boat with semi-private lessons
  • The spot is only a few minutes walk from the accommodation
  • Season from April till October


The kitesurf spot in Mastichari on Kos offers, in combination with the special and exceptionally professional concept of schooling and constant wind, the perfect conditions to learn kitesurfing or to improve your level. However if there is upwind you need to bodydrag a few meters to start your session.

The spot is located directly on a wide sandy beach and offers a 400 meter area for your exclusive entrance.

In the unlikely event, that there is no wind in Mastichari, you won’t need to despair. The school offers a shuttle to the wind! They will take you to the other side of the island for free. There will be wind at their second location, because there’s always wind on one side of Kos.







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