Back to contest – German Championship

Who would have thought that I’d be going back to contest? I don’t even remember the last time I competed, it must have been at least 3 years ago. But the set up was finally perfect: Me actually being in Germany, a promising wind forecast and a great contest set up organized by the Kitesurf Masters crew! I convinced my friend Heike Wycisk, German Champion in 2010 and with me one of the „older“ rockers;), to give it a go, just for fun of course.


I somehow forgot that I was never the biggest fan of contests, because of all the waiting for your heats and the constant anxiety, which was always a big problem for me. As the green flag was up for my first heat, of course my body entered the “out of control nervousness” mode and felt like rubber. I knew already then, that there was no use trying to go for the big passes, so I stuck to my safe tricks. Thanks to some great days of training in Montenegro this summer, I’ve got a good repertoire on tricks (for me rather boring ones), which I can do blindfolded. So this surprisingly sent me straight into round two.

During three days of competing in 15-25 knots with sun, rain and thunder, I managed to fight my way into the final. I was super happy with this, even though the anxiety made it impossible for me to ride my best. It’s never been this bad and I was quite surprised with my reaction, as in the end I had nothing to loose and no one expected me to make it that far anyway. The final was set for Sunday against my old rival Sabrina Lutz. She did an amazing event landing every kind of trick, so I knew up front that this was going to be a tough if not impossible one. And so it was, with 30-35 knots I had to enter my heat with my 5m2 (I’m riding the Alana Wave kites from Naish, so a 5m2 is like a 7-8m2 C-kite), which I’ve only used once before.


And I messed it completely up! Too bad, as for a change, I was not nervous anymore and was looking forward to put some power into the heat and go for the big passes. Anyway, Sabrina did a great job in tough conditions, so I can only congratulate to a well deserved 1st place.

All in all, I had a lot of fun and it was great to be at such a well organized event with a supporting crew from KiteWorldWide at the beach and seeing old friends again. As well, I’m impressed with the many new and young female faces, entering the competition as well. Great to see the sport progressing!
Let’s see how long it takes before I do a stunt like this again;)