Roadbook Entry #13 – Surprises in Portugal

Before Marco and Josi leave Tarifa behind, they make a quick stop at Punta Paloma. This is the place where the famous wandering dune is located. From here you have a wonderful view over the beaches in the South.


k-_dsc1479After taking some pictures they continue their journey to Los Canos de Meca. This little lagoon is the backup spot when the “Levante” is blowing to strong in Tarifa.

The next stop is Sanlucar de Barrameda which is located at a wide river mouth. They park their truck direct at the beach promenade. This spot is perfect for a kite session. So they set up their 9qm and 10qm and go for an extensive session. Afterwards they go for a walk and see some camping vans parking direct at the beach. They decide to park there, too. The next morning even a mobile bakery is selling fresh bread.

k-_dsc1512After a nourishing breakfast Marco and Josi want to drive to the other side of the river which is just 20 kilometers beeline away. Unfortunately they have to drive 200 kilometers because there is no faster way to cross the river delta. The whole delta is a huge conservation area “Parque Nacional de Donana”. After a four hour drive they arrive at the parking lot, which unfortunately is already full. So Marco and Josi need to search another place to stay for the night. At the end they spend the night at the “Camping Place Donana”.



k-_dsc1531One day later the two adventures reach Portugal. At Manta Rota they find a huge camping place. Instantly they have the feeling to be back in Morocco. Everywhere are people selling their vegetables, fruits and fish. The weather conditions are perfect for a foil session. So Marco set up the 12pm kite and jumps on the water. He has a perfect extensive session with almost no waves and a lot of sun and to make it even better, he is the only kiter far and wide.





The next day the wind is almost gone. Marco and Josi drive to their next stop, Lagos. They spend the night at the river mouth Ria de Alvor. Here you have the feeling to be in Brazil. Depending on the tide you habe huge lagoon and strong wind. They can even ride the 7pm kite.

k-_dsc1619What happens the next day is simply crazy. First they meet Dave, an old friend of Marco. Both made the IKO-Instructor license together. Now Dave has his own kite school and he works together with Benny, who Marco knows from Brazil. To round off the whole story they meet Martin who is a friend from Hamburg. He is traveling with his own truck to South Africa.



k-_dsc1625Friday evening Marco, Josi and Martin are at a pizza party in the mountains at a crazy little village. Everything is self constructed and the residents are living in old camping mobiles. Every Friday you can have pizza “all you can eat” for 10€. The party lasts till ne next morning when the three are already, well rested, leave the village.



Between the mountains they see countless little beaches and lagoons. At Salema they spend the night direct at the beach. They visit the fortress of Sagres and eat “the last bratwurst before America”. After having some relaxed days at the beach they have to say goodbye to Martin, who is continuing his travel to South Africa.

As usual, you can check their current location on our map. Further, have a look into their Road Book and get to know how they have been doing so far.