Roadbook Eintrag #12 – Here we come Tarifa!

After a short trip on the ferry Marco and Josi arrive in Algeciras, Spain. Again they pass the custom controls very fast. Because the weather forecast is not ideal for kiting they decide to drive to Gibraltar. They spend the night in La Linea, a little camping ground from where you just walk 20 minutes to Gibraltar.
Early in the morning they walk on a small trail to Gibraltar, which belongs to England. Their first stop is the famous Rock of Gibraltar. Unfortunately they need to wait for 30 minutes just to drive the 2 minutes to the top. And for the whole 2 minutes they payed 33€ each! But the view from the top compensates for everything. They take some pictures oft he monkeys, than Marco and Josi walk back because they don’t want to pay another 66€.



The two adventurers have a delicious baguette for lunch, than they leave Gibraltar. Back at the camping ground they see another German camping truck, but no one is near to be seen. As Marco and Josi want to pay for the stay, they can not found anyone so they leave without paying. Now it´s time for Tarifa!
Tarifa is known for perfect wind conditions due to the fact that the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean collide here.
Marco was here before, so he knows where to park the truck. They found a parking lot from where they walk 15 minutes to the city center. On our way they see surf shop after surf shop. They decide to have lunch at the „Taco Way“ where they meet two KiteWorldWide guests. The KiteWorldWide Town House is just around the corner. The location is amazing and from the rooftop terrace Marco and Josi have a stunning view over Tarifa. They can even see Morocco on the horizon.



They love the house so much, that they decide to stay for one week. Originally they just wanted to do a short visit.
There are two main winds in Tarifa. When the wind comes from the Atlantic, it´s called the “Poniente” (Spanish for “west”). The “Poniente” is your chilled out wind for fine-tuning your riding and tricks. It’s usually a calm, steady wind of around 5-6 bft, so no excuse not to head straight out on the water.
Unfortunately the „Poniente“ is not that strong the next days. No problem, now they have time for a whale watching tour. The two hour trip leaves nothing to be desired. They see two big razorbacks, some pilot whales and two dolphins. The pilot whales and the dolphins are so close to the boat that they can nearly touch them.
Hard to believe that there are so much whales between the big ships. For Marco and Josi it´s a breathtaking feeling to kite right next to these beautiful animals.





The wind from the east is called “Levante” (Spanish for “east”). This is the naughty, tricky one, which means you are in some serious fun. Don’t mess with the “Levante” or you will find your ass ending up in Philadelphia, USA!
During their breakfast at the KiteWorldWide Town House Marco and Josi decide, together with the other guests, to drive to the next Lagoon.
They visit the old roman town Baelo and in the afternoon they have some cold drink in the bar “La Cabana” which Marco remembers from his last stay. The lagoon got a dreamlike beach and the water got Caribbean colors.

As they return to Tarifa Gabriele organized a BBQ with cerveza and vino. The next day the “Levante” blows! they get their equipment and kite the whole day. For their safety two boat are on the water, if someone needs help.



When they come to their truckr a group of people are making some pictures of it. The Argentinian guy even knows it from our blog!
Again a beautiful time comes to an end. But it´s not the last time they have been to Tarifa, for sure!

As usual, you can check their current location on our map. Further, have a look into their Road Book and get to know how they have been doing so far.