Roadblock Entry #11 Arriving in Essaouira

After some really good days in Marrakech, Marco and Josi continue their journey. Next stop is Essaouira. But before they have a short stopover in the village Sidi Kaouki, which is also known as “Windy Kauki”.

The little village offers a few restaurants, a kiosk and a few apartments. But there are some waves and wind, so they decide to stay for 4 nights. The whole next day they test the spot.


During the next days, they search for some more places to kite. They find a stoney way. They find a beautiful lonely lagoon. It would be a prefect spot to kite and to take some pictures, but they don’t want to carry all their stuff by foot. So they decide to just take some pictures.



After their stay in Sidi Kaouki, they are heading to Essaouira. The city offers everything you need. There is a big supermarket, where you can buy everything y and the medina is just beautiful. Even the beach leaves nothing to be desired.


Their first stop in Essaouira is the “Explora Surf Station” where they meet Sara. Overwhelmed from the good first impression, they decide to test the spot. The spot offers steady wind and wave conditions so they kite with 8 and 9 qm kites. You even have the chance to do some downwinder to the next lagoons or even Sidi Kaouki. After their session they get picked up by Miranda, who lead them to the Riad Zelaka, their accommodation for the next days. The Riad is just beautiful. Downstairs stays a big table where all guests have breakfast together à la KiteWorldWide. On top of the riad is a rooftop terrace where u can relax after a long day at the beach.



They go kiting every day to use the perfect conditions. But even the best things come to an end, so they have to leave Essaouira. The next stop is Safi. Marco and Josi drive across Moulay-Bouzerktoun and some more beautiful beaches and lagoons. The way offers a wonderful view of the ocean. As they arrive in Safi, they get surprised. On their camping site are peacocks everywhere. Every so often some fisherman offer them some fish. In the afternoon they want to do some stand up paddling. Marco even tries to surf with the SUP and it worked!



On the next day, Marco and Josi travel 400 km on a highway. They cross Casablanca and arrive in Moulay-Bousselham. This little fisherman village, direct at a lagoon is perfect for a SUP trip. The landscape is breathtaking.


After spending two nights at Moulay-Bousselham, they start the last stage of their long journey in Morocco. The two adventurers drive the last 200 km to Tanger where it suddenly gets thrilling. In a roundabout three children hang on the back of their truck. They stop and Marco tries to chase them away. As he starts to yell at them, they flee. But as soon as Marco starts the engine, the three boys are back and hang on the truck again. The boys only release as they see a policeman at the next roundabout. On the next kilometers they see more trucks with children at their backs. It seems like this is a “normal” way to travel here in Tanger.

Shortly before they arrive at the harbor, they have a stunning view over the Strait of Gibraltar and on Tarifa!

They pass the customs very fast and drive on board of the ferry. With mixed feelings Marco and Josi are looking back to the country where they had so much fun, Morocco.



As usual, you can check their current location on our map. Further, have a look into their Road Book and get to know how they have been doing so far.