New in the KiteWorldWide family: Willow-River Tonkin!

“If you can dream it, you can do it” is the motto, which Willow-River Tonkin lives by. Grown up in Mauritius, he’s been on surfboards since he was 10 years old. A few years later, he had a kite in his hand for the first time. “That was it, I was hooked”, he says with gleaming eyes.

Not even 6 months later Willow already gets sponsored by a local surf shop. With more or less 365 days of wind and waves a year, the sympathetic South African shredds almost daily in the Indian Ocean.

2014 Beany from Core discovers the back then 15 year old. To answer the question, if he could imagine to become a professional kitesurfer, Willow didn’t need to think twice. After plenty of shootings on Hawaii and many other places, which usual 16 years olds don’t get to visit, we met Willow in the KiteWorldWide Mansion Cape Town.

KWW Cape Town

After a few sessions and chats together, we are more than happy to officially welcome Willow to the KiteWorldWide family!

As first official act, he’ll join Juergen (one of the founders) this Friday to Tatajuba. After that, he’ll join you guys on the Catamaran Trip on the Baltic Sea from the 23rd of July till the 30th of July. And who knows, maybe you’ll also meet him very soon at one of our spots. Spotting him won’t be too hard, as not many people pull of a strapless frontroll the way he does ;)