My first foil hour!

Wuhuuu, I just had my first foil experience. Not only I had a blast, but also the people at the beach, or should I say the spectators lining up one after the other…
I have to admit, I never thought I’d go foiling, as I thought of it as something dull, which someone (not me) could do if there’s like no wind at all. But here I am, super excited, motivated and ready for the next step. It started out as a joke between my boss Jürgen and me to see who can learn it quicker. He’s an experienced wave-kiter, I prefer my feet glued to my wakeboard. Yesterday we both had a go, with perfect side-shore conditions with 10-12 knots here in Montenegro.
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Of course I didn’t have a clue what I was doing before I grabbed the foil and went to the water and I’ve never listened to the tips people already gave me either – obviously resulting into the first small cuts on my legs already before hitting the water ;) After my first ride out and back in, I felt like a complete beginner again. My legs were shaking from the 15 minutes of mogul slope, my stomach filled with salty water after all the crashes (I couldn’t stop laughing, so my mouth was wide open…) and due to a couple of hard face plants I couldn’t really see much either. But HEY, a competition is a competition – and I HATE loosing.
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After one hour of training and some tips from the experienced foil kiters and spectators at the beach, I felt like I finally started to get the feeling of flying. With a big smile on my face I passed the board and kite on to Jürgen, certain that he wouldn’t have a chance to get me. Unfortunately the wind dropped, so I’m still one step ahead of him.
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I’ve experienced a new dimension of kitesurfing and I would recommend everyone to give it a try, it’s a lot of fun and a great adrenalin rush once you start flying! Don’t be like me and say it’s dull before you’ve actually tried it.