World Record Attempt – The Virgin Kitesurfing Armada 2016

Packed with approximately 150kg of luggage Laura and I started our trip from Hamburg to Hayling Island, England. The mission for this weekend has been clear: to bring the world record for the largest kitesurfing parade back to the UK!

On arrival in Hayling we met with Sara from our UK office and Anne. Anne flew directly from Montenegro to the UK, which certainly didn’t make the adjustment to the british summer any easier.

Friday Morning we quickly stopped by at the local supermarket to buy some essentials for the event. Cool box, prosecco (what can I say, I’ve been outnumbered..) and beer. Let me correct myself: “lager”. It took quite a few ale beers until someone was kind enough to explain me, that “lager” is the actual kind of beer I’ve been looking for. You never stop learning!
Once we’ve reached the festival grounds it was time to unfold the beach chairs and raise the flags. From now on we’ve been in a 8 hour flow of meeting new people and having great conversations. “All right, mate?”

The next morning we were woken up by sunshine and a blue sky. Quickly put on our sunnies and back to the festival. The wind still didn’t quite play along but nevertheless no one was even close to being bored. The english coast has been explored via SUP, the WOO big air record attempted, talks from Lewis Crather, Sam Light and others listened to and in plenty of chats with the guys from Core, Brunotti, North, Slingshot & more new trends have been discussed.

As soon as the sun came out, the cocktail bar was the place to be.

On sunday the time has come. WIND! A big excitement was clearly picking up on the whole festival area. The first ones on the water were obviously the guys on foil boards, but step by step also all others launched their kites. (If you’d also like to be one of the first ones on the water, check our new foil courses in Montenegro ;) )

Just before the world record attempt went down, an just as important event took place. The announcement of the winner of our 10 day kite cruise for 2 people. “James Roe” has been drawn. With lightning speed a friend of his ran down to the beach, got him off the water and directly on the stage. Congrats, james!

So, enough small talking. Time to make history! 3, 2, 1 GO! Together with 423 other kite-addicts we launched our kites, jumped into the floods of the English coast (figuratively speaking, it actually was low tide) and headed down the one mile downwinder in no time.


Four hours later the official result. WE ARE WORLD RECORD HOLDERS!
We certainly have had less productive Sundays.

What a weekend! Cheers to everyone being involved!

So long,  Marlo