The European Championship of kite spots!

Finally the UEFA Euro 2016 has arrived! You like to see a good football match just as much as the wind blowing your face? Perfect! We present you the combination of football and kitesurfing: The European Championship of kite spots!

Germany has the chance to win the double and so have you! Spend a week in the Kite Castle at the Baltic Sea. Enjoy breakfast on the rooftop terrace while having a awesome view over the castle grounds. Learn kiting at our spot in Saal and push your level individually.

Now you have the chance to combine your stay with the Kite Cruise through the Danish Southern Sea! Save the double and start your extraordinary adventure in our local fields.
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Kite Schloss Puetnitz Ostsee-20

As beautiful as the “Tiki Taka” of the Spanish Nationalteam, are the Canary Islands!

Sail with our catamaran “Tonia” super fast from spot to spot. From Fuerteventura via Lanzarote to the Isla de la Alegranza. We chase the strong trade wind to get to the best spot of the day. Curious how a catamaran trip looks like? Here we have a short video for you.

Start is the 01.11.2016!
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Sadly Denmark has not qualified for the Euro. But due to that it is the perfect place for you, when you want to escape the football excitement. We can offer you the Kite Cruise through the Danish Southern Sea. Endless downwinder, lonely sandbars and dreamlike harbor villages are waiting for you. To make it even better, Boris Herrmann is on board! The fastest german circumnavigator and enthusiastic foil boarder is by your side to give you some tipps and tricks.
Kite Katamaran Ostsee-1

Montenegro is another country which has not qualified for the Euro, but fortunately they have a lot more to offer than football. For example the Euro so you don’t need to change your money. Together with all the other fans you can watch the matches of your favorite team at the home-own restaurant. When your team loses a game, you can learn to fly. We now offer foil courses in Montenegro. If you want to see how flying feels like, read our blog. Anne just had her first experiences!

The surprising win of Greece was the sensation in 2004. As special as their win is the semi-privat boat training you get at Kos. To maximize your training efficiency the spot is located far from mass tourism.

Enjoy the greek hospitality, delicious food and the greek football emotions up close!

Just as reliable as Gianluigi Buffon blows the wind at Sicily! Together with all other guests you enjoy perfect conditions to learn kiting. The huge, shallow water lagoon is perfect for kiters at all levels.

Furthermore, we have a new accommodation for you. Relax on the big rooftop terrace and enjoy the breathtaking view over the lagoon. The KiteWorldWide Villa Lo Stagnone is waiting for you!
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