Turn Back the Time – Alina’s Adventure

The end of my internship has now, unfortunately, nearly arrived. But before it comes to an end, I have the pleasure to be part of an extraordinary adventure. I got the chance to visit the Kite Castle at the Baltic Sea, spend one day kitesurfing at our spot in Saal and then participate at the Kite Katamaran Tour at the Danish Southern See.


Sunday morning I meet our founder Juergen and one of other interns Loyd at the KiteWorldWide Office in the center of Hamburg. Fully loaded with kites and boards we start our tour, first stop is Chateau Puetnitz.

Kite Schloss Puetnitz Ostsee-7 Kite Schloss Puetnitz Ostsee-20

The Chateau in Ribnitz-Damgarten is located directly at the Recknitz. All apartments have bemused names like “Cosy Corner at the Tower” or “Dormouse”.

Kite Schloss Puetnitz Ostsee-2Kite Schloss Puetnitz Ostsee-15 Kite Schloss Puetnitz Ostsee-5

Kite Schloss Puetnitz Ostsee-6

We have breakfast at the rooftop terrace while enjoying the unique view and the silence of the nature. The only thing we hear is the sound of some birds, singing in the morning. What a superb residence for a kite vacation!Kite Schloss Puetnitz Ostsee-1

Kite Schloss Puetnitz Ostsee-10


After the rich breakfast me and Loyd have a hard fight at the kicker table. Afterwards we are heading to the spot, which is just a few minutes from the Chateau.

Kite Schloss Puetnitz Ostsee-8

After the throwback in time at the Chateau, I am now back at the present. But it feels like a dream, too. Sparkling sunshine, enjoyable warmth and perfect conditions are waiting for us at the spot. The even better news, there are only a few kiters on the water!

Kitespot Saal Ostsee-1

We are visiting the guys from Supreme Surf. Their kite school is located in an iconic, red London style bus. From the rooftop deck we have a fantastic view on the spot. The perfect place to relax!

Kitespot Saal Ostsee-3


But we are not here for relaxing. Juergen agrees to help me practice my kite skills, which, after a few unsuccessful tries and a two year break, are not that good. So I am a little bit nervous. Luckily I have more than enough space to build up my kite, because the meadow is so huge. Finally, after two years of absence, im back on the water, but at first without board, so that I can get used to the kite. I can still remember the first time I managed to control a kite on my own, but the feeling is still overwhelming when you feel the power of the kite after such a long time. The spot with its shallow water is absolutely perfect to learn kitesurfing!


After Juergen was happy with my kite handling, we are heading back to land to simulate the water start in a dry run. With Juergen´s tips, I feel ready and well prepared enough to try the water start, which in the past, was the cause why I failed to learn kitesurfing. And man I did it this time!! With my first try I was able to kite like 25 meters. What a breathtaking feeling! Full of motivation I practice the whole day, while Juergen gives me tips.

Kitespot Saal Ostsee-5

Finally I can understand why someone makes his leisure time dependent on wind conditions. But my adventure is not over yet. We are now on the way to Rostock to go on board of the Tonia and sail through the Danish Southern See. I can not believe how lucky I am while looking back to the unspoiled nature of the Saaler Bodden.