Ship ahoi! – The Adventure Continues

After the beautiful time at Chateau Puetnitz and the perfect session in Saal, we are now on the way to Rostock. There, we will go on board of the Tonia, to start our sailing trip through the Danish Southern See.

Kite Katamaran Ostsee-2-3

At first we load the Tonia with the kites, boards and the other essential stuff. And then, finally, we hoist the anchor.


The tour is not just about kiting, which by the way, I am now totally addicted to, it´s also about sailing. Captain Tobi explains the different screens, so i can read out the water dept. Now I am able to steer the Tonia on my own.

Kite Katamaran Ostsee-1-2

Kite Katamaran Ostsee-2-2

Just like that, with me steering the Tonia, we are leaving the harbor of Rostock, which says goodbye with a stunning sunset.

Kite Katamaran Ostsee-1-3

As soon as we left the harbor, we set sails. With Gedser, it´s in the South of Denmark, as our destination, the wind evolved his full power. The big white sails are filled with wind. What an amazing experience. We are gliding though the night, till we reach Gedser. The next morning our teamrider Anne and the two pro rider Colleen Carroll and Craig Cunningham are joining us.


Now we check the actual weather conditions. Depending on them, we are planning our day. Due to the perfect conditions, Anne, Craig and Colleen are getting on their boards. They have an awesome downwinder to one of the dreamlike sandbars around us. I track them from the catamaran, maybe I can learn some tricks from them. While we are on the way, a herd of seals joins us. What a big surprise!

Kite Katamaran Ostsee-6 Kite Katamaran Ostsee-9 Kite Katamaran Ostsee-4-2 Kite Katamaran Ostsee-7

Now it`s time for me to take my neoprene suit and get on the water. On the sandbar I can start my kite easily and fortunately I get some really helpful tips from the kite instructor, who is teaching me with so much patience. The waist-high, emerald water offers endless place to practice my skills.

Kite Katamaran Ostsee-3-3

Kite Katamaran Ostsee-4

Kite Katamaran Ostsee-3

Kite Katamaran Ostsee-1 Kite Katamaran Ostsee-2

Hungry and overwhelmed by the new experiences, the next highlight is already waiting for us. Juergen pressed every button to serve us an unforgettable dinner! The BBQ on board leaves nothing to be desired. Afterwards we close out the day under the wide, starry sky of Southern Denmark with a cold drink in our hands and a smile on our faces.

IMG_9815 IMG_9817

Early on the next day, the flavor of brewed coffee, bacon and scrambled egg awakes us. In the early morning sun we enjoy Juergen´s gorgeous breakfast. Afterwards we relax on deck while the sun is shining.



Kite Katamaran Ostsee-5-2

Kite Katamaran Ostsee-10

We set course to Gedser again, to bring back Craig and Colleen. After a warmly goodbye we are heading back to Rostock, where we, totally overwhelmed by our impressions of the last days, leave the Tonia. Bone-tired and happy I am arriving at home. But before going to bed, I have to pack bags again. On the next day, my next destination is Montenegro, where I meet my colleagues from the KiteWorldWide Office. We are having our “workation” direct at our KiteWorldWide House in Ulcinj. What a time this is at KiteWorldWide!