Road Book Entry #8 – Exploring Dakhla and its Surroundings

Marco and Josi enjoy Dakhla to the fullest. After several nights` stay at the KiteWorldWide Villa Camp, they are now on the way to explore the surroundings of Dakhla. In this way, they want to get a different perspective of their favorite spot, the white dunes.




As they cross the tropic of concer, they are now officially in the tropics.



A few more pitches are waiting to be discovered. The first one, its name is Puerto Rico, enthralled the two of them with a stunning view from the old tower. The lagoon is totally deserted, due to the fact that it is early in the morgen. After that, the journey continues.




Only with some help of the GPS coordinates they finally found the next pitch. As usual, they approach it off the normal roads. Here is another deserted beach.


The road continues through sparse steppe landscapes, before even this unreal landscape vanish the dessert.



Because no other place fitted their expectations, they are returning to their favorite spot, the white dune.


They park the truck with one tire on a sand drift, so that their driving bedroom is standing safely. Suddenly their is a lurch. At first Marco thought they would have a flat tire. But actually the strong wind did remove the sand slowly, so that the truck  began to sink. That happened till the truck finally hit the firm ground. The sand drift was gone completely.

During the day, they do the usual stuff. Here are some impressions from their last kite session:

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As usual, you can check their current location on our map. Further, have a look into their Road Book and get to know how they have been doing so far.