Road Book Entry #7 – Get the Reward: Kitesurfing!

Since the beginning of March, Marco and Josi are on the road to explore Morocco. Now they have reached the destination Dakhla, and reward themselves for all the efforts they had, with kitesurfing, kitesurfing and kitesurfing!



At the KiteWorldWide Villa Camp they enjoy a luxury way of living: what a breathtaking view without leaving the bed! Also the sumptuous meals, three times a day, are one of the pleasantness they could get used to in Dakhla.

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The two adventurers of course explore the surrounding spots of the lagoon and enjoy a kite session at the white dunes. Those who are brave enough can jump from the dune with their kites and land directly on the glassy water.

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Sadly, an incident occurs because Josi was not weighing down her kite as much as required at the beach. After the kite launches itself because of a squall, one of the lines cuts into her foot while she tried to catch it. Luckily she got away with this incised wound. The kite landed itself at the beach.


Marco makes fast progress at foil boarding. After some frustrations at the beginning and sore muscles he is now enjoying it to glide through the hole width of the lagoon. If you are looking for a new challenge in kiteboarding as well, check out the foil board lessons in Montenegro!

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We wish them an ongoing, pleasant stay in Dakhla! As usual you can check their current location on our map. Further, take a look at their roadbook and get to know all about their previous journey!