Road Book Entry #9 – Goodbye Dakhla

After spending one month in the KiteWorldWide Villa Camp, Marco made fast progress in foilboarding, while Josi was training on her jumping skills.

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Sadly it´s time to leave the camp and start on their way to Essaouira. Saying goodbye to some of their friends was hard. Especially, they gonna miss the funny evenings with the kite instructors on site.


They chose to drive along the coast, till they reached a dune area. Once more they decide to leave the street and drive carefully at the stony ground, until they park behind the dune, where they spend the nigh, listening to the sound of the sea, after driving 570km at that day.

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They also spend the next day in their truck, traveling another 400km. At the camping site which they have chosen for spending the night at, they finally get a welcome cup of tea again. The next day they want to go to the Plage Blanche once again and decide to take the direct way through the beach. The deep sand got more fast, so the risk was to high to get stucked. Further they don´t know how far the water is going to rise at high tide, so they invert and took the street.

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The next two days, they spend in a village shaped by tourism, but at least they could eat a real pizza after a long, long time.

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Marco filled up the time and made some small repairs.


This time they want to visit a tourist attraction. The two of them discover the rock arches at the beach. You can only reach them if you take an extremely steep and eroded driveway. But against all odds, there are many tourists who have made the way.

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At the evening, they arrive at the Aglou Plage, where they want to spent the next few days to wait for the rain, which is about to begin.


As usual, you can check their current location on our map. Further, have a look into their Road Book and get to know how they have been doing so far.