On the way down to Ulcinj – Montenegro…

To start the new summer season at our destination Ulcinj in Montenegro, 3 members of our crew in Hamburg were on the way down to the south.


Laura and Hanna from our sales Team, as well as Andre, our IT-Specialist, meet early on Saturday to get all the stuff in the car. Like u can imagine, besides all the office things, there is a lot of new kite equipment like new Core Kites, bars, boards and wetsuits.



We thought, we need to leave half of the stuff at the office, because it is so much and the cars is to “small”, but somehow we managed it to get all the things in the car. Right on schedule, at 10:00, we leave the office. After a little detour, due to the Hamburger Harbor Anniversary, we start our long, long journey down to Ulcinj.


Like you see in the picture, the car is fully loaded. The first one, who gets to know our little “paddad-cell”, is Hanna. Surprisingly, it is a superb sleeping spot! But you don’t have any other chance, than sleeping. You can simply not talk to the front, because it is stuff everywhere.

Just like last year, Andre passes an exit,we can cross “to get lost the first time” off the to do list! After approximately 700km we stuck in traffic the first time. But finally we make it through, now we are close to Graz in Austria. We found a cosy hotel and spend the night there, surrounded by a beautiful mountain chain.



We follow the streets through the mountainous Austria via Serbia to Croatia.

So far, the boarder officials just want to see our passports and some toll fees, but at the Croatian Boarder, we are favored by fortune. Our car needs to open his doors the first time. With a nice smile on our faces and our German license plates, we are allowed to pass Croatia without any packing list and customs duty. As the landscape is so gorgeous, the car is nearly driving on his own.

Untitled-8Untitled-6 Untitled-7

Although the Bosnian people are driving like berserkers, we think they confuse the breaks with the accelerator, we made it through! The stunning landscape compensates for everything.




Surrounded by the breathtaking landscape of Kamenari, the ferry takes us safely to the other riverside. Now we are in Lepetante and close to Ulcinj. Around 23:30 we arrive at our KiteWorldWide House. Henning, one of our sales colleagues, is already waiting for us, after he finished his own private adventure. He traveled the 2 hours from the airport Podgorica to Ulcinj by train and taxi. Originally we should have taken him up a 1000 hours earlier.

To put it in a nutshell, it was an absolut typically, awesome KiteWorldWide Trip. After we found our apartments, we all fall asleep in a matter of seconds, wondering what the next morning will bring us.