Road Book Entry #6 – A long ride to Dakhla

After Marco and Josi finally enjoyed their first kite session in Morocco, they now have a new designation: Dakhla.


On their way from Tarfaya to Dakhla they passed by the the famous shipwreck of Armas, a remnant of the former single ferry connection between Morocco and the Canary Islands.


On the way from Lyounne to Dakhla there are only a few pitches and little infrastructure, so the two of them decided to drive the remaining 540km in only two days. Because of the instable political situation of the Western Sahara, they prepared some papers called „Fiche“, including detailed information on themselves and the Beachexplorer. On their way they only have to hand in two or three of them, at most of the checkpoints they got waved through. Marco on Josi take one of the few turning to the sea and enjoy the beautiful view from the plateau. Sadly, the dunes are polluted with plastic waste and another shipwreck dampens the mood.

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Through a monotonous landscape they continue their way to Dakhla on a perfectly tarred road. 200km before they reach the KiteWorldWide Villa Camp, the driving conditions get worse again, so they have to take care of not driving into a whole while avoiding other trucks.

After raising the KiteWorldWide flag at a sandy place, they enjoy the amazing bay all on their own.







The next morning they start their last stage on the way to Dakhla. They meet a convoy of the police, further SUV driven by men in expensive suits and headsets in their ears and some huge pickups. The reason for that spectacle: the king’s son had been to Dakhla! What he was doing there? Kitesurfing of course!

After passing an area with white sand which was swirled up so much by the wind that they can hardly see the road, the stunning turquoise lagoon of Dakhla appears in front of them.



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Now their holiday finally can start! After they checked in their accommodation, the KiteWorldWide Villa Camp, they burn off some energy at the lagoon.

As usual, you can check their current location on our map. Further, have a look into their Road Book and get to know how they have been doing so far.