Road Book Entry #5 – The Kites are Ready to Get Launched!

Through deep sandy pistes Marco and Josi crossed the desert of Erg Chegaga – the biggest desert in Morocco. After spending a lot of hours alone in the sandy landscape, they finally want to reach the ocean to let the kites fly!

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On their way they stopped by at a supermarket to stock up on their reserves. In the middle of loneliness they passed a high standard auberge which is only hard to reach because of the hill of the dirt road.


Bot the to of them didn’t stop as the want to reach the Plage Blanche, off road of course. Once again the conditions of the streets turned very bad, as the road is extremely slopped and the toe is eroded further there are some rocks on the way. To prevent the truck from upsetting, they decided to go back and take the street the next day.

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Finally the two of them are at the beach, which is moreover devoid of people. Sadly the wind is not strong enough for the kites. As the forecast isn´t any better for the next days, they decided to continue on their way southward.


There the wind was bumping! The fly in the ointment: because of the cliff coast they had no chance to reach the water.

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Also at the amazing lagoon with perfect wind conditions they have to relocate their first kite session.Even if there are fishermen shipping round tourists with their motorboats, kitesurfing is not allowed because of the nature conservancy law.


At their 4rd try they are finally lucky! After six weeks without kitesurfing the kites are launched and up in the air, where they belong to. Marco and Josi could enjoy their first kite session in Morocoo!

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As usual, you can see their current location on our map. Check out Marcos and Joisis Roadbook and read how they had been doing so far!