Road Book Entry #4 – Up and Down through the Ravines

After the excitement of the sandstorm, Marco and Josi continue their way through mountains and ravines. The got recompensed for their difficult roads with some amazing views.


Right before the Ravines of Todra, they passed the village Tinerhir. They almost failed to notice it, as the houses are painted in the same color as the mountains are in the back.

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The closer they get to the ravines, the more busses with tourists appear. Of course, Marco and Josi prefer a less frequented parking area to take some photos.

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The road leading to the next village was devastated by the weather in winter. Therefore some parts of the route are inacessible. Luckily, small courses of the stream are no problem for the Beachexplorer!

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Up to the mountains, the two of them got surprised by the snowy landscape. How strange after the time which the spent in the desert! Marco and Josi decide not to pass the way offroad to to Gorges of Todra. If the street already had been destroyed, how devastated would be the mountain piste!k-_dsc9046

In the Ravines of Dades they have to challenge some serpentines. But they get their money’s worth as soon as they reached the top: an amazing view over the ravines!k-_dsc9137

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More close to the middle of the ravines, they have to pass a narrowing of the road with an overhanging rock.k-_dsc9158 k-vlcsnap-error252

The next day they go at walking pace to Nekob, once again they had an amazing view at the top of the mountain. Even a small Café was waiting for them with a delicious cup of tea.

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The way down was even more exhausting than the ascent. Beause of the palms and trees at the roadside the Beachexplorer got scratched at its sides. Marco and Josi only met a handful of people, mainly geckos and meerkats crossed their way.


After the exertion of the last stages of their journey, they drive the short way to Zagora only on asphalt. Arriving there, they spend a relaxing day, chatting with other offroaders about their routes and experiences.


As usual, you can see their current location on our map. Check out Marcos and Joisis Roadbook and read how they had been doing so far!