Road Book Entry #3 – A Rough Ride trough the Sandstorm

After spending some relaxing hours in Tissirt, Marco and Josi went on to the desert region Erg Chebbi. Due to the bad conditions of the roads, they can only drive very slowly.


Reaching Erg Chebbi, the owner of the auberge welcomed them. It felt like he wasn’t really in need of guests, which is why Marco and Josi didn’t feel that comfortable. They spent the night at the parking area in the middle of the dunes. The next morning, they woke up because of a little sandstorm. It leaves a sandy screen but didn’t cause any problems.


Without having breakfast, the two of them went on to a little village. The entry reminds them of the hall in Hamburg, where the KiteWorldWide logo was sticked over the truck.


Marco and Josi decided to explore the dunes. The temperature raises constantly. Instead of the seats of the truck, they have a seat in the saddle of a dromedary.

k-_dsc8898 k-_dsc8892


The further way leads them to the desert region of Erg Snebbi. But things turn out differently than they expected. A storm was building up, which would have been perfect for a 7qm kite at the beach, but very uncomfortable in the middle of the desert.

k-img_3955 k-img_3954

This is how Marco descirbes the situation:“Half way, the sky turned dark. An active front was facing us. At first we though it was rain. Then I remembered a picture of a sandstorm which I saw on the Internet and realized this was exactly what was coming up. We stopped immediately.  It’s hard to describe what the front looked like. At least 200 to 300 meters high, like something was disgorging on the earth. It was coming closer fast, the wind was rising rapidly.”

k-_dsc8925 k-_dsc8967

Marco turned the bow in the direction of the wind, before the sandstorm was striking them. The air got dark orange, everything was shaking and it was very loud. As the wind changed its direction, the sand found its way through the leaky side door and was spread all over Josi.

k-_dsc8940 k-_dsc8944

They follow the passing cars very slowly to the next village and waited inside the car until the storm passed. After all of the sand was taken out from the truck, they want to circuit Erg Chebbi. Through sandy ground and with a lot of shaking they reached the tarred street. For the distance of 94km it took them about 8hrs. After all the excitements of the last days, they allow themselves a bottle of wine, the Beachexporer got rewarded with a camel badge.k-_dsc8980

As usual, you can see their current location on our map. Check out Marcos and Joisis Roadbook and read how they had been doing so far!