Logbook Entry #16 | It’s finished!

We haven’t heard anything from our Captain Axel for some weeks. But he was far away from sitting around doing nothing. Instead of taking a sunbath in Portugal, he was busy to get the „Zest“ back on track again.


After all the to-ing and fro-ing between Axel and the insurance, he decided to build up the mast off his own bat. Luckily he got to know a kitesurfer and rigger who assisted him. „I have a lot of work to do, but it’s also quite funny to occupy myself with that topic. The last week I did a lot of research, read up on it, repaired, organised, ordered.. When there was wind, I went kitesurfing of course. This was helping a lot to let off steam about the hard to reach screw connections.”




After some intense hours of working Axel can finally announce the good news: the mast is has been brought on!

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After that the Zest could present herself in a fotoshooting.(credits: Bruno Larangeira de Freitas; see more of his work on: brunolarangeira.wix.com/photo-and-video)



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After taking the pictures, there was a disaster happening: Axel was putting away some stuff on his boat, looking down and running directly into the new mast.Untitled-2

After the wound was stitched up, Axel says:  „It’s time to finally leave this place..“ We think so too! After finishing his dissertation the adventure will finally go on!

Check out his current location on the map: