Lenni on Tour: Tarifa

The annual Easter holidays were about to kick off, so why not take a few bridging days to get out of the cold? But where should one spend a week off in March? Requirements were a short-haul flight, warmth, high wind probability and obviously a laid back atmosphere. After a quick debate the appropriate destination was found immediatly: Tarifa, Spain.


The most southern tip of Europe, only a few kilometers from Africa, is a hotspot for wind- and water sport enthusiasts from all over the globe. Due to its exposed location at the Strait of Gibraltar, the wind probability almost reaches up to 100%. We got a direct flight from Hamburg to Malaga and took our rental car along the idyllic coastal road straight to Tarifa. We arrived late at night at the KiteWorldWide Town House and were suprised by a still buzzing nightlife – so going to bed early wasn’t an option anymore and we changed a long good night sleep for a few Mojitos. Viva la fiesta!


After a short but nevertheless relaxing night at the KiteWorldWide Town House, we had the opportunity to explore the sourroundings. A lot of small and cosy Cafés hide in countless crooked streets together with restaurants that invite you to linger and to have a snack.


The Town House itself is furnished with taste and offers all the amenities a self-catering guest could ask for: refrigerators, a well equipped kitchen, a big common room, a BBQ area as well as a magnificent roof top.




But we actually came to kite. The wind builds up during the day, thanks to the local thermal, which is very pleasant for the late risers and night owls amongst us. So we were heading to the miles long kitebeach at noon. For the more experienced kite surfer, there is also a flatwater lagoon located at the mouth of  the Rio Jara river. I wanted to hit the flatwater first, to improve my competition tricks and to get back into shape after the winter break. The conditions there are just perfect and almost reach the level of brasilian lagoons!




If you’re feeling like more space on the water and throwing yourself into the forces of nature, the open sea is your spot! There is a nice wind wave, that almost breaks perfectly, which is good for wave kiting or is the ideal kicker for big airs. Especially on strong Poniente (side onshore wind) days, the waves can become pretty big. On Levante (offshore) days, the sea is as flat as a pancake: however, this wind can be also very strong and gusty! Tip: Both, wind and water can be quite chilly at this time of the year, so warm clothes and a thick wetsuit are essential. But once you’re lee site it can also get quite warm and summery. During our stay, we only experienced a really steady Poniente, which was absolutely perfect for training and to learn new tricks.


This also applies to the kite course participants. Due to Gabri’s patient attitude the boys and girls of the course were able to reach their personal goals. Thanks to his long-lasting training experience and his great spot knowledge, he always knew and chose the best spot for the group and their training.



Tapas tours, pub crawls or roof top BBQs were organized in the evenings. Even on no-wind days Tarifa has a lot to offer: mountainbiking, freeclimbing, surfing, daytrips to Morocco or a visit to the british Gibraltar. In addition to that, you can always just relax at the white dunes and cure your muscle ache. Its distinction is definitely the combination of excellent kite conditions and an extensive alternative programme, which also offers a lot for non kitesurfers. You can definitely find enough variety here!




You could write several pages about this place and never come to an end. This vacation felt a lot longer than a week and we’re taking dozens of new memories and experiences home with us. Excellent kite conditions, breathtaking nature, great food such as Tapas or freshly caught fish, spanish wine, hilarious parties and new friendships, just to name a few. I like to call it the special KiteWorldWide flair, that you can find at any spot: Kenya, Tatajuba, Cape Town…no matter where you are, you’re always together with like-minded people in a one of a kind community.