Anne exploring „the other Tarifa”

Our teamrider Anne spent her birthday weekend in Tarifa, Spain. This is how she describes her adventures at the kite hotspot of Europe, apart from kitesurfing, sun and delicious food:

It’s becoming a habit for me to travel somewhere to celebrate my birthday. Last year it was Sicily, this year it was Tarifa in Spain. Together with some of my best friends (only ladies allowed;) ), we jumped on the Ryan Air Friday late afternoon plane to Malaga. 7 ladies, all kitesurfers, made quite an impression at the Ryan Air Check-In, so in the total chaos of packing back and forth they finally let us go through with whatever baggage we wanted to check in.



Two days of Tarifa, that was all we had, as the flight left back to Hamburg on Monday. Of course we brought our kite gear along, but this time we only had the luck of 1-2 hours wind on Saturday (for my birthday of course).



Like this, however, I discovered that Tarifa has a lot more than water, sun and wind to offer…

Saturday I went for a morning run, like always without a plan or direction. I was truly surprised to end up in a national park just around the corner of Tarifa! The rout takes you into the highlands and along the steep coast line direction Algeciras. The beauty and wilderness of the nature simply made it impossible to stop running and I kept on for ages, eager to see what was hiding around the next turn!


Sunday was a day with a bit of a heavy head, I have to admit. The great thing is, you can go for breakfast whenever you want.


We finished at 2 p.m., and from then the group split. A part (including me) decided to adapt to the Spanish culture, meaning doing a proper Siesta;) The second part went for shopping, however discovered that the rest of Spain is also doing a Siesta at this time of the day, so they ended up testing different sorts of wine and spending the rest of the day at the beach watching the surfers…

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While Trang and I were putting a great effort into practicing the Siesta, Esther did the plans for our late afternoon ‘discover-Tarifa-Excursion’. According to “Google” Rio de La Miel (Honey river) sounded promising with both waterfalls and exuberant as well as rare vegetation and a rich fauna, even with species never to be seen anywhere else. “Yeah, right”, I said, but hey, it’s only a 20 minutes drive AND it’s already 4 p.m.

Datei_007 Datei_004

The Honey River definitely delivered more than we expected! The first part up is an easy but beautiful hike. Only a couple miles long, it winded into the hills and followed the sun dropping behind them. I thoroughly enjoyed the green vegetation, and the abundance of cork trees. The official hike ends at a waterfall, normally… Esther had read, however, that it is possible to go on, but from there, the hike would be more like climbing.


We somehow found the path leading us up the hills, through rougher vegetation and in the end (with bloody knees…), way off the path, to an enormously beautiful waterfall with a pool only for us :)

Datei_005 Datei_006 Kopie Datei_007-2 Datei_008-2 Datei_009-2

Two days is not enough to discover everything that Tarifa and its surroundings has to offer, but it surely made me want to see more! And once again, I’m blown away by the beauty of Tarifa, but this time “the other Tarifa”!