You say: “off season Brazil”?

Anne makes it clear and says: h*ll no!

…I just came back from a longer weekend in Brazil. That might sound a bit snobby, but it was work, ok? We did consider to leave the kite gear at home, as we would not really have time for kitesurfing. Besides, we didn’t really believe it was gonna be that windy. It’s supposedly off season right now, at least in terms of windy days.

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Well, I lived in Fortaleza during the months of January to April, so I knew that the “European-rumours” about the windy season ending in January are bullshit. Normally you will have 4-5 days every week. So kite gear was packed and off we went.

To Tatajuba!

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And guess what, wind was on, every single day. Not as strong as in the main season, but who needs 30 knots anyways? I’m happy with 20 knots and… I don’t want to tell you this, but I’m also happy to kite in a giant lagoon all by my self.

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So! kitesurfing guys and girls out there, Brazil is certainly something to put on your kitesurfing map not only in the months of October till December. January and February are perfectly wind reliable months. The same counts for the months of June, July and August. On top, you will discover a much greener Brazil, due to the rainy season (it mostly rains nights) and the colours of the lagoons and the ocean are stronger than ever, as the water is calmer. I certainly lost my breath, once again!

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Tatajuba… see you in June! :)