Road Book Entry #2 – Driving Some Kilometers

After spending two days on the ferry, Josi and Marco are already on their way through Morocco making some kilometers. On the passage they pick up with like-minded travellers as well as with a customs officer, who was more interested in a glass of german water than in something else they might take with them.


Also the Beach Explorer did well on the passage, thanks to the save fastening. After reaching firm ground again and being waved through again at customs, they hit the road to Chefchaouen. The street was filled with potholes and broken up on the sides. The street is one of the two main roads from the north to the south of the country but can’t be compared to german standards. Not easy to drive several hundred kilometers on these roads!

Marco and Josi spent their first night in Morocco at a camping site with an amazing view at Chefchaouen, which is a pretty, blue painted village with typical alleys.Untitled-3Untitled-5 Untitled-4

On the way back from their Sightseeing trip to the camping site they already started to sweat, there were up to 20° in Morocco! The next day, they started out for the way from Chefchaouen to Fes, which is 230 km long. They passed the mountains and through a winded road they finally reached Diamant Vert, a tranquil camping site in the south of Fes.

Weg nach Fes

Further they travelled through Boulmane to Midelt. Till Boumlane they were pampered with a new built road. After passing by, the street was so rippled that they felt like pirates on the high sea. In compensation they had an amazing view at the steppe like plain, a mountain range on the right and the Atlas mountains with their snowy summits. They rarely see other vehicles now. This is how they have imagined to travel through the backcountry of Africa!

Boulmane3 KWWKWW2KWW3

Their way leads them further through the Ziz Valley. There a riverbed is making its way through the mountains. Sadly, there is absolutely no wind blowing, so they have to cancel their first kite session in the bottled lake. Further, Josis leg hurts so that they have to see a doctor. Nevertheless they enjoyed a breathtaking view at the lake.

See See2

After some more kilometers which they passed following the river, they spent the night at a camping site in Tissirt. There it is really warm weather for the first time, so that they could relax in their hammock. What a great way to travel!



As usual, you can see their current location on our map. Have a look at their Road Book and get to know how they are doing so far!