On and Off the Road – Roadtrip to Morocco

Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations.

True to that motto Marco and Josi spend their lives. They start on an adventure and want to explore Marocco, via Roadtrip, and its most beautiful spots. In order to find them, they leave bitumenized roads and drive off road on uncomfortable streets. They want to travel about 12.000km in four months. This idea was fascinating us! For that reason, KiteWorldWide is supporting them on their way to Morocco and back to Hamburg.Abfahrt ABfahrt2

Their driving home is a truck, which they reconstructed by themselves. They spend more than 2000 hours on doing so, which covers their free time for almost 9 months. This is the decent result: 5.9 liters of engine capacity, solar panels  on the top and a fresh water tank with a capacity of 300l. Perfect for reaching the most isolated places and enjoying their time there!



Marco and Josi are enthusiastic kiteboarders for several years now. The wind forecast decides where they spend their weekends. To sleep in their truck on different beaches is part of their daily lives. Snow and rain don’t prevent them at all. They are always searching for new spots far away from mass tourism. Instead of weekend trips the two of them now start a roadtrip to Morocco. A lot of wind, sun, and most important, isolated spots are awaiting them! The ‘Beach Explorer’ wasn’t reconstructed just to drive to the beach of St.Peter.

Josi_kite Marco_kite Marko_kite

They start and end their tour in Hamburg, taking the fairy from Italy to Morocco. They will also make a stop  on their roadtrip at the KiteWorldWide destinations Dakhla and Essaouira. Back in Europe, they will explore the kite hotspot Tarifa. After enjoying the west coast of Portugal they want to be back in Hamburg at the beginning of July.


Apart from the planning of their route and the handling of the navigations system, a trip like that requires a lot of preparation. They ordered new passports, booked their fairy and filled the water tank. Most importantly, they checked their kite equipment one more time and stored it in the truck. Not such an easy thing, as they take 8 kites, 2 waveboards and 2 twintips with them! After saying good bye to family and friends they can finally go on their adventure! To join them on their trip, have a look at Marco’s and Josi’s road book. Further you can check their current location at our map.

Have fun, a lot of tailwind and a hardworking navigation system!