Birte and Erik Visiting Dakhla

Some people only travel with their hand luggage in order to save time at the check in or the baggage carousel. Then there are Birte and Erik. The two of them went for a fleeting visit to Dakhla and checked on the KiteWorldWide destination. Apart from Birte and Erik there were 25 Core and 2 Best kites, as well as some waveboards and a few more stuff which is essential for a kitesurf center bound for Dakhla.


It was the first trip to a KiteWorldWide destination for Birte. After all the kites and board were stored where they belong to, the two of them explored the spot together with Yannick, the station manager of Dakhla. What they found there? Perfect wind conditions, so that one of the kites immediatly served its purpose. Birte had lots of fun on the water!

Blog Dakhla

It wouldn’t be Dakhla if the two of them wouldn’t have been fascinated by a typical Berber-BBQ. After visiting the market and buying the ingredients they went to a typical Moroccan restaurant which prepares a delicious meal. Yummy!

Further they visited an oyster farm and enjoyed the desert landscape of Dakhla.


But the trip was not characterized by kite sessions and Moroccan delicacies. The two of them checked on-site on the improvements which had been made at the KiteWorldWide Villa Camp. To pemper tired bodies after exhausting kite sessions a spa including a hammam bath and a massage table is in the works.

They also checked on the maintance works at the accommodations and discussed further potential for improvements.

Answering the questions what the highlight on the trip was Erik says:“Seeing Yannick flying like Tarzan and yelling all the time because of the massive power of its pure C-kites from CORE”

Taking all these impressions and a luggage of a few less kilos with them they arrived back in Hamburg.