The Best Line-Up in 2016

Last weekend the best kitesurfers from all over the world rocked the King of the Air in Cape Town. Beneath all big kitesurfing brands our longtime partner Best Kiteboarding brought its new line-up along which appears in a stylish sailing look in 2016. The Best Pro riders Gjis Wassenaar and Sam Medysky showed the crowd what the new gear is capable of.


The Roca, TS, GP und Cabo

The Best Kiteboarding line-up in 2016 contains four kites. The brand-new ‘Roca’ which was developed at the Spanish Atlantic coast suits especially for freeriders. High jumps are very easy and after a fall the kite can be relaunched super fast.


Beneath the entirely new model you can still find the three well-known kites ‘TS’, ‘GP’ and ‘Cabo’ in their newest design. Best’s flagship is the ‘TS’: A kite which meets the demands of all freestyle, wakestyle, freeride and wave riders and pushes every kiter’s limit.


The ‘GP’ is the C-kite in the line-up and the choice of weapon of the world champions Gisela Pulido and Youri Zoon as many more freestyle riders because it’s capable of extra explosive jumps and megaloops.


Number 4 is the Cabo for all wave junkies. But also freeriders are very well prepared with the Cabo in 2016.

Cabo_RENDER__0002s_0004_Layer-3Red and Black

Best brings out two Bars in 2016. Both systems are equipped with the original Iron Heart IV Quick Release. The ‘Red Bar’ has a 4-line system and fits well the kites Roca, TS and Cabo. It’s adjustable individually, very comfortable, safe and you can untwist the lines very fast after rotations and loops.

Best_Kiteboarding_Red_Bar_Dealer_5Best_Kiteboarding_Red_Bar_Dealer_2 Best_Kiteboarding_Red_Bar_Dealer_3

The Black Bar is for all freestyle freaks and fits the GP kite. It’s extremely tough and especially designed for handle passes and kiteloops.


The Boards that mean the World

What we mustn’t forget: The board. The ‘Spin’ and the ‘Armada’ have been improved and also appear in the new look. Whereas the Spin is adapted for beginners and freestylers, the Armada is a freestyle board for advanced kitesurfers.



IMPORTANT: Hand in hand with the 2016 launch Best will switch off all buy buttons and redirect the end customers to the shops.

What more need to be said? The warehouses all over the world are stocked. Soon you can hang your TS in the wind and let yourself get carried away on the water.