Felix and Benni in Morocco

Friday, 9 am, Hamburg Airport, 0 degrees: It’s cold. Very cold. The first big snowfall in 2016 is just around the corner. “No, thank you”, is our common thought at the check-in. Five days Essaouira. We’re just before the end of our internship and may now visit one of our spots in Morocco. The anticipation in the Marketing department is huge since a few weeks. So winter jacket deeeply in the luggage and into the plane!


Halfway we say hello from 11 Thousand meters to Axel who is currently playing Robinson Crusoe in Portimão (Axel’s disaster blog). Few moments later the flight is over. Salem Aleikum, Essaouira!

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Saturday, 1 pm, Essaouira Beach, 25 degrees, 25 knots: We can hardly believe our luck. It’s off-season in Essaouira, since two weeks here’s no wind, then the two “pros” from KiteWorldWide come and the party starts to really rock. Until evening the wind blows and also the coaching works. As a beginner I can stand on the board after two hours and Felix jumps over his first waves. The result is impressive (not us but that’s what it must have looked like):

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Saturday, 8 pm, Medina, still 13 degrees: The Moroccans are freezing their posterior off and we feel like it’s spring. With jumpers we stroll through the Medina alleys, the air smells of exotic spices and it’s beautifully calm because cars aren’t allowed within the city walls. Our energy storages are exhausted so we carve our way past countless compelling food boothes to a nice restaurant.


We test out the whole Moroccan kitchen: From Tajine and Couscous to fish and calamari to fresh fruits and moroccan pancakes as dessert – we consider canceling our flight back multiple times.

IMG_9831 IMG_9839 IMG_9842 IMG_9844 IMG_9846 IMG_9851

Sunday, 2 pm, 23 degrees, no wind anymore, instead waves. The kites stay on the ground today. Let’s go surfing then! The waves aren’t high but that’s gonna change the next day.

IMG_9757IMG_9753IMG_97811 2354

Surfing is pure relaxation. The stressful everyday life of a diligent intern is far far away. All thoughts are with the next wave. After five intensive hours our stomachs awaken us from our surf dream. So let’s dry and back to the Medina for dinner!

Apropos drying: Our new beach towel cuts a fine figure in Morocco, right?


The beach camels are impressed.

IMG_9813 IMG_9812 IMG_9810

Monday, 9 pm, KiteWorldWide Riad: In our minds we’re still on the board but our bodies are already in bed. “We’re going to crash early today”, we conclude and so the last day in Essaouira ends. We miss the comfortable Riad already.

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Tuesday, 8 am, KiteWorldWide Riad: The view on our last meal, freshly squeezed orange juice inclusive. The shuttle bus driver waits in front of the door already. We say good bye to the pleasant warmth and back we go to the now snowy Hamburg. But don’t worry: We’ll come back, Essaouira. Inshallah!