The Cape Town Explorer Tour

The first event week in 2016 is over. For all of you who never heard about the “Cape Town Explorer Tour” which started in November 15, here is a little explanation: At the Explorer Tour you get to know the Cape and the surroundings in a very special way. A huge gear pool is waiting for you with test kites (North Rebel, Dice, NeoCore XR4, GTS3, SectionCabrinha DrifterF-One Bandit 2016) and boards (North X-Ride, Jaime, SelectCore FusionCarved Imperator & a top range of waveboards.) The Kiteboarding Events trainer team and the KiteWorldWide team will support you on site.

You’ll go kitesurfing in small groups with max eight advanced kiters at the best spots in Cape Town and surroundings. Beneath kitesurfing you can expect nature experiences, restaurants, wineries, beaches, shopping and of course some partying – basically everything what makes Cape Town up. Here are the dates for February: 7. Feb – 12. Feb / 14. Feb– 19. Feb / 21. Feb – 26. Feb. Jana is our host of the KiteWorldWide Mansion and she tells you how she and the guests experienced the first Kiteboarding Event in the new year.


“Some event weeks are already past and we look back to a cool time with nice people and lots of fun on the water. The first week of the new year was a classic event week. On the first day we went to Langebaan. After month without water contact and moderate wind this spot was just the ticket. Also the participants who already had wave experience could test our waveboards and try some tacks and jibes. We now were ready for the wave in front of our door.”

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“We spent the next days at the beach in front of our Mansion and trained a lot with our guests in the wave and tried the first manoeuvres. It was lots of fun. Especially at the sunset downwinder the atmosphere was divine. At the end we went to Witsands, a spot which demands much experience and skills. Nevertheless we all mastered it.. and you don’t kitesurf directly in front of the National Park to the Cape of Good Hope everyday, do you?

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“All in all we had lots of fun with good dinners, many kite sessions and downwinders. Cape Town currently shows itself at its best because the wind is blowing all day long and we’re almost having no time to catch a breath.”

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If you are an advanced kitesurfer and want to participate in the Cape Town Explorer Tour, you’ll find more information on our homepage.