Season start in Kenya and Zanzibar

As it’s becoming really cold in Europe the new winter season in Kenya and Zanzibar is going to start. In this blog we introduce our new (or established) teams in both destinations:

Once again Samir and Nasser will rock the winter season in Kenya. Nasser who studies law in Graz favours the Kenyan beach instead of the library at the University. It’s his second winter season in Kenya.


Samir, the owner of our partner kite school in Montenegro, spends his third season at the Mwazaro Beach. You see, a well attuned team and real experts of the country are gonna welcome you in Kenya.

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Also loads of kite gear found their way to Kenya (four kite bags each person). After Condor reduced the limit of sport baggage to 20 kilograms a few weeks ago, the airline turned the corner after all. That means: Nothing changed. You still can carry along 30 kilograms.

IMG_2579 IMG_2580

In Zanzibar two new faces are gonna welcome you when the new season starts. You might have seen them at another KiteWorldWide destination.


Andi from Austria is looking forward to the winter season in Kenya. The board sports fanatic already instructed at Kos in Greece.

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Also Tobi might not be an unknown face for some of you. Only this summer he was in Montenegro, Kenya and on Sicily.

DSC_3295 DSC_3205

Regarding our teams you already booked a great season in advance. Jambo!